MSKB's Search box thingee

  powerless 21:35 15 Sep 2003

click here

Put someting in the seach box...


Now in the same IE window; visit another site...

Now return to KB...

Does your original search query automatically apper after/or during the page loading?

If it does, welcome to my knightmare. I cannot stand the thing. Any idea how to turn it off so the seach box stays blank or has the "Type your search words here" in the box.


  [DELETED] 21:53 15 Sep 2003

It does exactly what you say, powerless.

Actually I like this feature. It means you can go off for a wander, return to trhe MSKB and be reminded of what you were trying to find.

However, I don't do that often. If I get distracted during a search of the MSKB I (usually) open a new window to search Google or whatever.

  powerless 22:02 15 Sep 2003


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