MSI Radeon RX 470 - Will it work?

  Chicken Scout 21:39 25 Nov 2016

I'm a gamer who wants to go a little further in terms of graphics and performance, so I want to replace my AMD Radeon (TM) R9 380 Series for a MSI Radeon RX 470 (4GB). But I was wondering if it would fit at all, I'm new to PC building and would like to know if it not only fits but works at a standard I can live at. If not, I'd really appreciate it if suggestions could be made on a budget of 150£ (As buying my GPU will make my balance go from 300£ to 150£. My motherboard is a FM2A68M-HD+ and a APU (AMD A10-6800k). Thanks!

  Gabriel Beadle 16:21 26 Nov 2016

I used to be rockin' an Athlon X4 860k and it was a huge bottleneck in my system, despite only having a 2gb 960 at the time.

In my opinion, your best bet would be saving for a little bit longer, and upgrading to something like an i3, or even a slightly older i5.

As to whether a 470 would 'fit', I am guessing you mean if it is compatible with your motherboard which it should be. Just make sure your case will fit it inside.

  Archonar 00:47 27 Nov 2016

Use pcpartpicker to check compatibility, enter the case (if you know it), motherboard, processor, GPU and any other components you want to check. It will flag any compatibility issues, I have used it a few times and so far it's been really good at finding issues. The only thing to be careful of is case dimensions so its worth double checking whether the case is wide enough for that GPU.

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