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MSI R9 280 - black screen - no signal to monitor

  JamesMoore91 21:40 18 Jun 2015

I've recently rebuilt my PC (almost a complete rebuild). Everything went together fine, powered it up, installed drivers and all worked great for a couple of days. However yesterday I come to power up and I'm not getting a signal to my monitor.

The fans on the GPU are running, so it is getting power. I've tried different monitors, different DVI cables. I've tried an HDMI monitor and cable. I've tried re-seating the card. I've tried the alternative slot in my motherboard. I've sent the new card back and received a replacement (same card), and this still doesn't work after repeating the above steps again.

Now I've just tried my old GPU (Radeon HD5850 1GB) and that IS working.

The only thing I can think of that might be causing the problem is the power supply not supplying sufficient power... but I find this a bit unlikely as it is a 750W PSU and the new GPU was running perfect for 2 days! Seems strange for it to fail now...

So before I go and buy a new PSU does anyone have any insight into what might be causing the problem?

Here's the full build: Gigabyte Z97X SLI, Intel i5 4690K @3.5GHz (Corsair H75 CPU cooler), 16GB Corsair Dominator 1600MHz, MSI R9 280 3GB, Corsair TX750W PSU.

The only old components are the PSU and the Memory.

Thanks in advance.

  Thomass 13:27 19 Jun 2015

I would say its the GPU that is bad , if you said the old one made it work fine.

  alanrwood 15:26 19 Jun 2015

If the new replacement does not work either then it would seem to be something not specifically relating to the GPU and the power supply would be my first suspect. Have you checked that the additional power connector is firmly attached. Try a cable from a different PSU rail if you can.

Have you by any chance not selected the PCIe as the default graphics source in the BIOS.

Is the new GPU set to a refresh rate or resolution too high for the monitor. Try it in safe mode and adjust it down if it then works.

Are you using the latest drivers. Try uninstalling them with the GPU removed.

  JamesMoore91 21:16 19 Jun 2015

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I don't have access to an alternative PSU, I did try all available combinations of PCIe connections on my current PSU and ensured that they were firmly in place. No luck.

I'm fairly certain the drivers were up to date and the BIOS is set right, the card did work great for a couple of days. When I got the replacement card, however, that one worked up until I logged into Windows - at which point I got a black screen again.

I'd have rather avoided having to buy a new PSU but looks like I might have to. I like the idea of having a modular PSU (or at least semi-modular). I'm looking at the Corsair CX 750 M. Because 750W should give me loads of headroom power-wise, right?

  JamesMoore91 22:02 19 Jun 2015

@rdave13 My PC starts up fine with the the GPU removed and monitor plugged into the motherboard.

  JamesMoore91 22:04 19 Jun 2015

@rdave13 I've tried removing the drivers and starting up with monitor plugged into the card but the monitor still doesnt receive a signal.

  JamesMoore91 22:04 19 Jun 2015

@rdave13 I've tried removing the drivers and starting up with monitor plugged into the card but the monitor still doesnt receive a signal.

  alanrwood 11:21 20 Jun 2015

Have you tried my bother suggestion about refresh rates etc and starting in Safe Mode. The fact that it works until you logged into windows would indicate it is a settings problem as that is the point at which Windows switches from a low resolution to a higher one which is set up within Windows for use after start up.

  JamesMoore91 19:57 20 Jun 2015

@alanrwood I should clarify, the replacement card worked initially up until I logged into Windows, at which point the monitor lost signal and now there is no signal at all - even before I log into Windows. I might try going into the BIOS again just to make sure, but the first card worked for two days and I haven't changed any settings in the BIOS.

  wee eddie 20:25 20 Jun 2015

I've just had a thought: Have you checked the Monitor's Power Supply. If it was powered up, and getting no signal, it would be displaying some kind of Logo.

It's either:~ Not turned on, no logo, no nothing. Or, it's powered up but the signal coming from the Graphics Card contains nothing! Suggesting that the graphics Card is working but receiving no data.

  JamesMoore91 20:29 20 Jun 2015

@wee eddie Thanks for the reply - I can confirm that the monitor is working fine, I'm using it right now :)

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