M.S.I. Motherboard Fault

  23790954 22:03 13 Mar 2010

Hello to all you good forum members again. Once again I need the help of someone with advanced knowledge of Motherboards.
My motherboard is an M.S.I. KA790GX, socket AM2 motherboard. It is only about 3 months old, and has been working fine since I built the system.
However, when I was moving it, for cleaning office purposes, about a week ago, I bumped it rather hard on the doorframe. Since then, although the system appears o.k. electrically, switching on and such like, I cannot get any connection between the tower system, and the monitor. I replaced the Processor with a new one, but again it failed to connect with the monitor. I then replaced the Graphis card with one I knew was o.k. from another system I have, yet again there was NO data being sent to the monitor. I have sent for a quote from an online motherboard repair company, but I wondered if any of you technicians out there can advize me on anything else I could try, before having to send the board away.
Many thanks for any advice given.

  DieSse 22:06 13 Mar 2010

"Since then, although the system appears o.k. electrically, switching on and such like, I cannot get any connection between the tower system, and the monitor."

Is the system apparently powering up and running, but with no display - or just switching on but not booting?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:25 13 Mar 2010

Remove, refit memory

  23790954 17:13 14 Mar 2010


Yes the system is powering up and running, with all the motherboard lights etc., showing, but there is NO connection to the monitor which remains in sleep mode.

Fruit Bat, I am about to try your suggestion.
Many thanks to you both for your help.

  23790954 17:49 14 Mar 2010

Fruit Bat and DieSse,
Have tried your suggestion Fruit Bat, but had no success. Also tried all memory strips by changing them individually, but again no success.
If either of you can think of anything else to try, please let me know, otherwise I'll have to look for a reasonable priced motherboard repairer.
Thanks again.

  DieSse 17:56 14 Mar 2010

Motherboards are almost never repairable.

Can we get this crystal clear please.

Understand the system is switching on, and the motherboard lights are on. Is it stuck just there? Or does tha hard drive licght flash and the drive make some sounds.

I.e. - is it just switching on and nothing more? Or is it really booting up and it's just the display isn't working.

Things that can make a system fail to boot



Cables not making good connections

Faulty/badly seated RAM

Faulty/badly seated processor

Faulty/badly seated plug-in cards

I know you've tried some of them.

  23790954 18:46 14 Mar 2010

Thanks DieSse,
When I switch it on, it does NOT go into any boot sequence. It just runs without any connection showing to the monitor. The CMOS and reset lights on the motherboard itself all show lit, but NO boot up sequence is entered.

I have changed and checked the memory, and reseated them, I have taken out the processor, and reseated that, I have changed the heatsink and fan, I have changed and tried various graphics cards, made sure that all connections are fitted correctly, but nothing puts it right.

I'll just have to put it down to experience.
Many thanks for your time.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:02 14 Mar 2010

Remove BOTH power connections to the board - the 20/24 pin connector near the memory slots and the 4 pin connector near usb ports.

Remove CMOS battery for 10 minutes and refit.

and refit power cables

retry to boot.

  23790954 11:44 15 Mar 2010

Thanks for all your help Fruit Bat, I am afraid that nothing is rectifying this fault. The only other thing, other than a motherboard fault, is that both the original and new CPU's are both faulty, which I doubt, and I have no way of testing them, as my hobby is building and repairing computers, and I have a socket A system, a socket 734 system, a socket 939 system, and the socket AM2 system, meaning I cannot alternate CPU's for testing.
Many thanks anyway.

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