MSI Motherboard & Audio Connections

  Dumfy 16:18 05 Apr 2003

Hi Everyone,

I’ve just started to build/upgrade a PC for a friend. I’m using an MSI KTV4 series motherboard (MS-6712) along with a DVD Rom drive and a new CD re-writer is being added at the same time.

I noticed that the motherboard has only one analogue audio CD socket on it whereas on the ones I’ve built in the past have had two. Is there a way of connecting the audio outputs of both drives to this motherboard? Some sort of adapter maybe or doubling up the wires into the existing plug? I appreciate that he won’t be trying to play two audio CDs at once, but it would be nice to be able to use either. On-board sound will be used, as he doesn’t want a separate soundcard added, although this mobo is 5.1 capable.

Thanks for the help,


  Paranoid Android 16:47 05 Apr 2003

Some motherboards have both CD and Aux as separate inputs, with others they are connected, and some only have one. You could probably cobble something together but it would adversely affect the sound. I suggest you connect the most used device (probably the writer) and leave the DVD disconnected. This input only has any function when playing audio CDs and you can't play 2 at the same time.


  flecc 17:17 05 Apr 2003

Agree with Marvin, coupling both will damp the response losing out on the frequency extremes.

A possible solution would be a sub miniature toggle or pushbutton switch mounted in one of the cooling holes at the rear of the case to enable changeover.

Maplin have suitable items:-

click here or 0870 264 6000 or their local shops.

  DieSse 17:28 05 Apr 2003

You shouldn't need to use an audio cable at all. Modern motherboards support digital signale obtained over the IDE cable - I haven't used audio cables for some time now. Both the optical drives can then work fine.

  Gaz W 18:18 05 Apr 2003

Paranoid Android - Surely the DVD-ROM drive would be used more often for sound than the CD writer? Without the sound from the DVD drive it would be impossible to use it as a DVD player. The DVD drive can be used to play audio CDs and CD-ROMs just the same, and the writer would only really be used for burning CDs.

A temporary (and stupid looking) solution would be to get a 3.5mm stereo audio cable and plug one end into the headphone socket on the drive not connected and the other into the Line In of the onboard sound externally. Obviously this would look a mess and I have no idea what the results would be like, but it's worth a try if sound doesn't work through the IDE cable on your board.

  Gaz W 18:21 05 Apr 2003

Sorry for changing the subject slightly, but if CD/DVD drives are able to send the sound signal through the IDE cable now, what about PCs with a separate sound card? Would it still work or does this only apply when you are using onboard sound on the motherboard?

  flecc 00:43 06 Apr 2003

No, digital audio still works OK with a sound card, the PCI connections cope OK with the signal coming through the IDE connector.

Although matters are improving as DieSse says, there's still a fair number of outfits that can't enable digital playback.

It's best to use it when available though, since that leaves the headphone output on the ROM drives working. On modern drives, that's usually disabled if an analogue connection is used from the rear of the drive.

  Kyomii 03:45 06 Apr 2003

>>>>Surely the DVD-ROM drive would be used more often for sound than the CD writer? Without the sound from the DVD drive it would be impossible to use it as a DVD player. <<<

A DVD player can still play DVDs with sound without the cable attached the sound cable is only used when you want to listen to an audio
music CD.

  Dumfy 19:13 06 Apr 2003

Getting sound through the IDE cable is a new idea to me. I'll give it a go when I build the PC this week and I'll report back.

Thanks again


  Dumfy 19:04 10 Apr 2003

Finished building the PC earlier today and as mentioned by DiesSie above, I didn't need the audio cables from the optical drives to the motherboard after all. Both drives played audio CDs over the IDE cable. Definately one to remember.

Thanks go out to one and all for their valued inputs.



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