Is MSI Live Update necessary?

  brigger 20:22 22 Mar 2005

MSI Live Update 3 downloaded but failed to install an ATI driver. Could I just try another site?

The error was 'not found on MSI database' (possibly not the exact wording), after some errors finishing with 'err=0'.

The driver downloaded into a folder called 'ATI v6476 (MSI Version). The current driver on my PC is ati2dvag.dll version (according to System Information / Components / Display).

Is the downloaded driver the right one?

I turned off Avast, and as it was the first time that the PC was connected to the internet, I doubt if any malware could be the cause.

I assume I have an MSI card, as a couple of MSI manuals came with the PC, but I don't know if I need to update for the card or just update for the ATI chipset.

My PC is a custom build Shuttle SB81P XPC with -
Video/Graphics Card: Radeon X800 Pro 256MB GDDR3 PCI-E VIVO VGA /DVI/TV.
OS: Windows XP Home
Internet connection: dial-up
Processor: Intel Pentium IV.

Also, Active-X has 'prompt user' setting, I allowed the cookie, and I installed the latest MSI Live Update version.

Thanks for any advice

  User-312386 20:41 22 Mar 2005

You need tp update the Graphics card driver from click here

  brigger 04:46 23 Mar 2005

I never knew that. On ATI's knowledgebase it says (under Radeon, Catalyst):
Installing a new driver is only recommended if you are having issues with your ATI product.

I thought drivers got updated to improve performance. Is that the end of it, or is there anything else I should update for improved performance?

  georgemac © 06:22 23 Mar 2005

don't know why you are using msi live update? I would only use this if I had an msi motherboard

I would download and install these drivers click here

  brigger 06:55 23 Mar 2005

and that's where there say only update if there's problems. I thought everyone updated all the time for better performance. Do you think ATI are wrong? I don't really have a problem, I was just hoping to up the anti-aliasing a bit on Rome Total War.

I only used MSI Update because the manufacturers installed it and I thought maybe they knew what they were doing, but I've gone off it now.

Thanks for the reply, I put a similar question on the MSI forum and got zilch.

  great1 07:07 23 Mar 2005

try doing a windows update thats where i got my ati driver update

  brigger 22:36 23 Mar 2005

I'll try that later, I think .6505 which I have now is the latest one.

For any newbies, the best info about drivers I've found is at

Thanks to all you replied

  lisa02 23:23 23 Mar 2005

if it ain't broke don't fix it!


  georgemac © 06:57 24 Mar 2005

sorry - never answered your question - I update my drivers all the time - new drivers are released because they have improved the old ones. I only use manufacturer released drivers.

If you are concerned just create a restore point before you install the new ones.

I would happliy downlaod drivers from the ATI site if I had an ati card - I use nvidea

  User-312386 07:26 24 Mar 2005

I agree with the analogy that "if it ain't broke don't fix it"

However, with regards to drivers they update them so your system can be more stable with windows. I always uninstall the driver then use click here Driver Cleaner Professional Edition in safe mode.

I have an Nvidia main board and an ATI Graphics card. So i check for driver updates from the manufacturer all the time.

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