MSI Laptop won't pass boot up screen (with logo)

  JulesvG 17:18 28 Jan 2018

Today, after i shut down my laptop (just by clicking on it, not pushing the power button), I tried to start it again, but I wouldn't pass by the boot up screen (with the MSI logo). So I waited for like half an hour, still the screen. I shut if off by pusing the power button. I started it again, it booted up with the same screen, but with "preparing for automatic recovery" (not excactly that, it wad dutch) and I waited again, this time for over 24 hours and still nothing happend. I couldn't get the battery out because it is built in, so I let it run out of energy and started it again, and still the same thing happend.. Someone please help, and sorry for bad english ;)

Specifications: (probably not needed put ill put it hete anyway Laptop: MSI CR62 - Intel i7 - 8 GB RAM - Intel HD Graphics

  wee eddie 17:44 28 Jan 2018

Do you turn it off, using the Power Button, frequently?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:44 28 Jan 2018

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