MSI Laptop won't boot ?

  Ma6ician 21:04 16 Jul 2013

Hi everyone, this is my stepmothers MSI laptop, running Windows 7 Ultimate, with 3Gb of ram. When 'trying' to boot, nothing happens ?. The screen is black, there is no boot menu, no windows loads, no music (windows)it just appears dead. I can see and hear the fan running, and when a cd/dvd is placed in the drive it whirs, but that's all. I have removed and replaced the memory, tried holding down F11 after pressing power button, but there's just nothing?. I have taken the HDD out and swapped it into my HP laptop, and it boots and loads no problem, so it's not an HDD failure. I tried MY HDD (HP) in the MSI but nothing, yet it works fine in my laptop. So what else could be stopping the MSI machine loading it's own HDD to windows?.. Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  Nontek 22:06 16 Jul 2013

Try a different, but compatible, Power Pack to run the MSI laptop.

  Ma6ician 22:52 16 Jul 2013

I have tried the MSI laptop with the mains charger pack, with the battery both on and off. With the mains charger disconnected and on battery alone, but with the same result. IF I could find a compatible mains charger I will try this also, though don't see how that would affect things?. But as you've suggested it there must be a reason. Grateful for any other suggestions.

  Ma6ician 23:30 16 Jul 2013

Hi Jock1e, I don't know how I'd get it to display on another monitor?, as as far as I'm aware you need to set this in control panel, and I obviously can't see anything. With you asking about outlines on the screen, I'm guessing you think it may just be a display problem. I have had that problem on my daughters laptop, and replacing the lcd inverter cured it. BUT as I mentioned there would still be the windows loading theme tune etc if it was just a display problem.

  Ma6ician 00:04 17 Jul 2013

No I'm not able to get into the bios, I've tried pressing F11 and delete on boot up to see if I could get it to boot from the disc. Also as I said, the HDD boots up to windows no problem when switched to a diff laptop. Could it be a processor problem ?..IF it's terminal I could rescue the ram and the HDD, but it seems such a good laptop, and I was impressed with it when I first saw it running..

  onthelimit1 07:36 17 Jul 2013

To switch to an external monitor, it is normally the Fn plus one of the top function keys. It could be the screen, but this would prove if it's the graphics chip.

  Ma6ician 21:32 17 Jul 2013

Thanks onthelimit1 & Jock1e for your suggestions, but as I stated initially, this is a boot problem and not just a blank screen, which could be the graphics chip or the lcd inverter on the screen. IF it was booting ok, I'd still get windows loading, including the windows 7 start up theme, I just wouldn't be able to see anything. I am getting 'nothing' at all except for the cooling fan, and the cd drawer operates when pressed. So for some reason the laptop just isn't booting, The HDD is tested as being fine.

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