MSI laptop making alarm noise during windows updat

  mesh123 14:57 10 Jun 2018

My laptop , which is about 7 months old , is making this weird alarm/siren noise during a Windows update. What's the cause/how do I fix it?

Here's the noise if it's any help: click here

  wee eddie 15:22 10 Jun 2018

Just an idea - Could it be trying to tell you that the battery is low?

  mesh123 18:01 10 Jun 2018

Turns out the new windows update turned on my microphone to play anything it hears through the speakers. All I had to do was disable my mic and it stopped and everything works fine now.

  wee eddie 00:31 11 Jun 2018

Mesh, that's called "Feedback" and it should be curable by reducing the sensitivity of your Mic, but actually your Mic was just doing what it is designed to do

  alanrwood 09:17 11 Jun 2018

Go to Sound settings and in the microphone settings there is a tick box for "Listen to this device". Make sure it is unticked. The mic will then not feed the speakers which produces the feedback.

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