MSI-K7N2 Delta2 Plat problems over clocking

  Ballie 19:04 14 Feb 2005

I am new to all this so please forgive me if I seem a bit stupid, but we all have to start somewhere.

I have just built myself a new system (see my specs at the bottom of post) as far as I am aware this set up should allow for some pretty good over clocking, but I am having some problems. On first boot-up I entered the bios and changed the cpu fsb to 200mhz and set the fsb spead spectrum to "disabled" I noticed that the memory timings was set to "optimized" and the timings were;
T(ras) 5
T(rcd) 2
T(rp) 2
CAS 2.0
Which is what they should be according to Corsair.

I did not change anything else (except AGP aperture to 128mb) after loading windows XP sp2 and all was working fine I thought I would try and up the FSB a bit so back into the bios and I tried 205fsb but I noticed that when I changed this it automatically changed the memory timings (sorry can't remember what to but they were not 2-2-2-5) when I saved and exited it booted to my desk top but nothing would work (mouse or key board) rebooted back into bios reset 200fsb and it all works fine again (when you go back to 200fsb the mem timings revert back to 2-2-2-5)

I can go up as far as 203 fsb without any probs but anything over this and it just won't run. I know that a AMD Barton 3200+ 400mhz cpu is a good over clocker and I thought that the Corsair 3200XL was a good memory to overclock. I must be doing something wrong please can anyone help?

I have run memtest 3.1 for four hous with no errors, I have tried setting the DRAM Freq to spd,auto and 1.1 but it made no difference.

MSI – 6570E (v1.x) K7N2 Delta2 Plat
CPU - AMD BARTON 3200+ (400mhz) running @ 2.20GHz
Ram - 1024mb DDR 400mhz (2x512 Corsair XMS3200XL TwinX)
Graphics - BFG Nvida Gforce 6600GT o/c 128mb (66.93 drivers)
Sound - on board AC97
NEC DVD (DV5800b)
NEC DVD/RW (ND3520a)
HDD 1 - W/D 120GB 8mb cache
HDD 2 - Maxtor 40GB (with 1024 min/max page file)
PSU - Tagan TG480-u01 +12v 28A, +5v 48A, +3.3v 2

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