Msi gx740 upgrade 1st gen i7 720qm to i7 920xm

  Jason Attard 04:48 13 Dec 2018

Hi I currently have an old msi gx740 with a i7 720qm processor I have read everywhere that I can upgrade to the i7 920xm, I got the reconditioned processor and fitted it but the laptop will now not turn on, every example. I have seen of this upgrade has worked with this straight swap, but not sure if it will work on msi? Do u think it needs a bios update or is it incompatible,??

  DyraSan 05:53 13 Dec 2018

sorry, I too have the same issue with MSI GT70.

This morning I downloaded a game from Steam and about ten minutes into the game, my laptop completely shut off and now will not turn on. I have never dropped it or spilled anything on it and I had it set to go into sleep mode after 5 minutes without touching it. There is no sign of life when I try to turn it on. The power supply work fine with my external monitor so I know it isn't that. I've also tried every variation of unplugging the power cable and battery and holding down the power button but nothing has worked so far. I don't think the laptop has overheated because I have it sitting on a cooling pad and I rarely ever move the laptop. Any ideas on how I can fix this? It is under warranty but I'd rather not have to send it in and wait a month to get it back.

  DyraSan 04:58 15 Dec 2018

Please share your ideas to fix my issue.

thanks, san

  wee eddie 12:52 15 Dec 2018

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