MSI 745 Ultra advice

  Paranoid Android 07:11 29 Aug 2003

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Hi again, I'm back.

Due to the L7VTA suddenly going out of stock at Ebuyer after I placed my order (don't you just hate that?), I have now re-ordered and settled in the MSI 745 Ultra. Probably the one I should have gone for in the first place as it meets all my needs.

However I am not used to SIS chipsets so I would appreciate some pointers.

1) I am going to use PC2700 DDR RAM, but would I be better to clock this at 266 MHz (synchronous with CPU) or 333 MHz (asynchronous) ?

2) There are various bits of support software listed click here , does anyone know what they all do? Info is sketchy to say the least.

MSI Core Centre - USB PC2PC Driver - 3D Turbo Experience - Fuzzy Logic 4



  Paranoid Android 13:04 29 Aug 2003


  ardvarc 17:43 29 Aug 2003

Have a look at manual while you are waiting. I would keep RAM at 333. Install OS and then the MoBo drivers & utilities from the MoBo CD. I know PC Alert 4 is the MoBo monitor for CPU, System temperatures and voltages. Live update is what it said, click on it and depending on MoBo model it will update BIOS, all drivers, utilities and software. Get back if you need more info.

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  clayton 18:02 29 Aug 2003

Just to let you know this motherboard will not support the latest Athlon processors with a 333Mhz FSB (Barton) most it will take is a Athlon xp 2600+.

  Paranoid Android 00:22 30 Aug 2003

I'm way below that, Clayton :{

New twist - despite the order for the L7VTA being cancelled by the vendor, an L7S7A2 has unexpectedly turned up instead. Very good on paper, but I don't like it. My hard disks seemed to be running VERY slow compared to my KT133A, and the board layout doesn't suit my case. Cables everywhere. CMOS battery low too, although I obviously have spares.

I will wait and see what happens with the 745 Ultra order, hopefully it will turn up and make me a happy little robot.


  Paranoid Android 21:22 05 Sep 2003

I take it all back. I'm sorry ECS, can you forgive me ?

Great board, now that I've re-routed my cables.


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