MSI-6712 (SeriesKT4v) Front USB Connector:JUSB1

  Kase 15:40 27 Nov 2003


I have a MSI-6712 Mainboard and wish to use the front USB facility on the board. Question does anyone know the source of a suitable port unit to fit in the front CD/Rom bezel case area and a suitable cable to connect the unit to the Mainboard


  scotty 15:42 27 Nov 2003
  Mr_Nice_Guy 17:05 27 Nov 2003

:( i have that board but mine also came with two extra ports to attach to the case and it took up my front usb support function. So my front ports are useless.

  Kase 22:04 27 Nov 2003


Scotty, Thanks for the link have sent an email



Mr Nice-Guy, Are you saying the facility is more trouble than its worth? do the front USB units work? are you saying you have 2 separate Bezel front outlets instead of 2 outlets in 1 Bezel?
so on a standard 3 unit ATX midi case the units took up to much room?. I purchased the board together with an AMD 2400XP CPU to build an upgrade PC so I am hoping the USB board facility can be made to function.


  DieSse 22:11 27 Nov 2003

Most boards that have extra USB connectors via header pins (other than those directly on the back panel) usually come with a bracket for the back of the case with the actual ports on.

You then have to choose where you want your extra ports - on the front of a suitable equipped case - on a unit fitted into a drive bay, or on the back panel via a cable/bracket.

That's all - I can't see how it makes anything too much trouble - it's simply your choice.

  Kase 09:12 04 Dec 2003


Thank you for the information DieSse and all who replied with advice have now sourced a unit from Overclockers UK(Esnet Ltd)


  Mr_Nice_Guy 11:14 04 Dec 2003

with the board came two seperate usb ports for the back which used up my front port function, so my front ports are useless. I'm just saying they work perfectly well and wish i could use my front ports :)

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