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  Gary1979 21:44 04 Dec 2004

Hi guys,

There is probably a simple answer for this, but I can't find it.

I've set up my network through my new Router, and I am trying to access my laptop over the network using my main PC. When I click on the Laptop in MSHOME, it asks me for a Password. The User Name is already set and I can't amend that. I don't have a clue what this password is, or even setting a password on the laptop.

How can I find out what this password is?



  AndySD 21:52 04 Dec 2004

Try setting the password first.

Go Start then Control Panel then User Accounts Choose the name you use and add a password. Then reboot.

  Gary1979 22:04 04 Dec 2004

Thanks for the info Andy.

I tried adding a User Password on the laptop and rebooting it, but I still can't access the laptop through my main PC. I entered the password I just chose and it still didn't work. Weird!!

Could it be a password see in the Router settings somewhere?

This is the first time I have networked using a router.


  AndySD 22:12 04 Dec 2004

Are both the pcs set up as a workgroup and does the workgroup have the same name on each pc. Do the pcs have different names?

Have you got software firewalls on the pcs?

  Gary1979 22:22 04 Dec 2004

I've just closed my Norton firewall on the main PC and tried it, but it still didn't work.

Both PC's are set up on the same workgroup and have different names...

When I try to access the Laptop from my main PC the User Name is set as "LAPTOP\Guest" if that is any help.

  AndySD 22:29 04 Dec 2004

Closing the firewall doest stop the protection.Try opening Norton and setting the firewall for Networking

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