MSGTAG query

  geedad 11:17 22 Nov 2008

I am using the FREE MSGTAG email program, but it does not seem yo inform me when an email has been read. I have sent emails to myself to test it, and it does not work!
Anyone had the same experience?
I am using ver 6 of OE.

  Clapton is God 11:21 22 Nov 2008

Assuming you've set it up properly with your correct e-mail address, remember that the free version only provides a read receipt when you sent e-mails to a single addressee not multiple addressees

  geedad 11:33 22 Nov 2008

Clapton is God

Yes, thanks, I do know that, and I am sure that it is set up correctly. I will have to do further tests, but thanks again for your swift response

  bretsky 14:04 22 Nov 2008

Server bottleneck, if you have the program set up correctly, you will be notified at some stage probably all at This does happen from time to time, I have the status2 version and sometimes the pop up notification does not happen until hours later even though I know that the email has been received and opened(verbal confirmation by recipient phone call).

I find that 90% of my email sent, I get tags back, but unfortunately due to the amount of spam some servers will firewall the tag code so even though the recipient has received your email you will not get a tag notification back which can be very frustrating........sad fact of life....

bretsky ;0)

  geedad 18:22 22 Nov 2008

Many thanks,bretsky, good info with your response.

  palinka 12:16 23 Nov 2008

In Status 2 (which is the version I use so that i can msgtag multiple recipients)there is the option to have notification in 2 ways - can't remember whether there is this option in the basic version, but are you sure you've ticked the relevant "notify me" box?
Might be worth uninstalling & reinstalling.
Also, i've always found their email helpline very helpful. Again, can't recall whethe this is available on the basic version

  geedad 12:30 23 Nov 2008

Thanks, I have the free version, and it is not supported by MSGTAG developers.
I am unsure about "notify me", but will see if I can find it.

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