MSGTAG (Message Tag) Outage

  g4obk 13:35 10 Jan 2010

Hi All

Users of the MSGTAG e-mail receipting software that is currently siffering an outage may be interested in this:

I paid my subscription of $60 to upgrade and purchase the Msgtag Status software and 3 days later its server and website dissapeared! I am not best pleased. I did e-mail the support address after the mail server went down and just before the website evaporated, and received this reply from Daniel Sim Lind, Director of MSGTAG. The tone of the message makes me optimistic that service will be restored sometime soon, let's hope so. The software must be quite lucrative as there is nothing as good available that does the same job I believe.

Mr Sim Lind's response to my request for information:

Hi Phil,

Thanks very much for getting in touch with us.

As you probably know we are having serious problems with our current
server hosting provider. Despite their market reputation we have had
surprisingly long delays in tracing and rectifying an outage that has
affected the server that is responsible for MSGTAG tags and the system
that allows us to email users about the problems, as well as some other
sub-systems. This has meant that the error has not only affected all of
our users and customers, but has also prevented us from getting the word

I am very sorry for the problems this has caused you.

As this outage affects everyone using MSGTAG we've had 1,000's of emails
from our customers which has overwhelmed our already strained support
systems and staff. For this reason we are not able to get back to you

To workaround this problem until service is restored please do not
uninstall MSGTAG as the configuration changes involved typically cause a
new spike is support requests that we simply cannot address at the
moment. If you simply leave MSGTAG running but switch off tagging until
the problem is fixed, your email will be sent as it normally would, just
without the tag on it.

You can switch off tagging in Free and Plus by bringing the application
up and then clicking on the right hand side of the capsule interface -
it's orange when it's off. For MSGTAG Status, please bring it up and
click the left-most node on the mode toggle tree. It shows a square in
the middle of the circle when it's off and all the nodes to the right
are grayed-out.

As long as tagging is switched off and MSGTAG is left running, you
should have no problem sending untagged emails.

If you wrote about something else, or need additional help, please help
us to help you by waiting until you get an email saying that service is
restored and then re-send your email to us. We'll then work our way
through them all just as quickly as we can. Until the all-clear is
given we are having to primitively and manually send out this email to
everyone who writes in. My apologies also, if you get this email more
than once as a result.

We will work on our back-end infrastructure and with our hosting
providers to reduce the chance of something like this happening again
and we'll let you know just as soon as normal service resumes.

Thanks very much to all of you who have been so patient and supportive
of us. Our long-time customers will know that this is an unprecedented
event in our small company's history, and as such is very distressing for us.

While I certainly feel your frustration, I am grateful for your
understanding and patience.



Daniel Sim Lind
click here

So let us hope the service is restored soon.


PS The e-mail address Mr Sim Lind used to reply to me was:

[email protected]

  wb457 21:38 11 Jan 2010

That response email is an exact duplicate, word for word from the last time they had an outage in Sept. This alone makes me uneasy about their future.

I also read on another site about the current outage an email response (more of a personal response this time) from msgtag saying their "primary" hard drive for their server had crashed. Ok... this makes me uneasy as well! WHY don't they have some kind of mirrored RAID setup? If they did, how difficult could it be to simply swap the drives and not take over a week now to do so?

  topaza3 00:41 12 Jan 2010

I do agree- the prolonged period of outage makes me wonder if no one is monitoring the situation. They are ill-prepared for server failure. I have had to uninstall MSGTAG, as even with tagging turned off the message about inability to contact the server was an irritating reminder of the problem.
I needed to change the outgoing server message on my email accounts just to be able to send email.
I would hope that all users receive an explanation, an apology and an outline of what will be done in future to keep the service running.

  shaude 00:52 12 Jan 2010

As at midnight on Monday 11th January the server seems to be working and the website is restored. I've just sent myself an email and the 'message read' worked perfectly. I use Status. Let's hope this will remain OK now. There was no explanation on the website but I expect we will all get an email from them.

  wb457 01:00 12 Jan 2010

Shaude, yea... and it will probably the same email copied & pasted from October 6, 09 after things were up & running again and with no REAL reason :-\

  bretsky 01:10 12 Jan 2010

Yep, we have lift off once again.

bretsky ;0)

  g4obk 10:22 12 Jan 2010

Hi All

Thank to all who responded. Yes, Msgtag is now all back up and working.

It's probable that to avoid a sudden spike by all users reconnecting to the server at the same time that the owner has chosen to notify users later, when most of us have already discovered msgtag running again!

I'm just glad it's back up after shelling out my $60 to buy status just before things went belly up last week!

Regards to all


  missm 11:15 14 Jan 2010

Yes, it appears that MSGTAG is again up and running, and I sent a message to myself and got confirmation I had opened it, but no more confirmations since, even though Tagging is on, has anyone else had the same problem, or have any ideas how to solve my problem? Thanks

  notwobe 01:28 15 Jan 2010

Hi missm,

I find too that, although the pop-up appears, the email notification does not work. I am getting tired of the lack of professionalism of the company. The smallest one can afford to have some kind of backup.

And then, no apology on their site for this new disruption of the service ...


  notwobe 01:28 15 Jan 2010

Hi missm,

I find too that, although the pop-up appears, the email notification does not work. I am getting tired of the lack of professionalism of the company. The smallest one can afford to have some kind of backup.

And then, no apology on their site for this new disruption of the service ...


  DaveGThomas 17:35 15 Jan 2010

WELL you all say it is working???!!!
I have sent test messages and NONE of them have arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SO has it gone down again or is it just me?

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