Msgsrv32 error

  Simac 15:59 14 Sep 2003

Can anyone help here??
I am having problems connecting online, through my internal modem, it connects briefly for about ten seconds and then cuts out, I've tried the wizard connection but it does not like it.

I come up with the above message error, and aks me to close the program.

What could be wrong??
Oh I am running Win98 SE

  Mankster 16:15 14 Sep 2003

is this any help to you.
click here

  frankieman 17:35 14 Sep 2003

This does not seem to explain my problem I get error message Msgsrv32 you must shut down your system I get this ever sinc eI tried to install drivers for my modem?? So the site you linked me to does not help.

  Boluwd 23:49 14 Sep 2003

Which modem are you using? I had a similar problem a few years ago with the internal Supra SST 56i PRO where the modem on dialling in would just hang giving a constant tone. The only way I could go on line was to Ctl Alt Del and close Msgsrv32 (which was not responding). The cure was to download and install the updated driver. (Win 98SE)

  nyleridedog 12:46 15 Sep 2003

Msgsrv32 is the Windows 32-bit message server, which loads Windows drivers when you boot up and unloads them when you shut down. When you set up a new program, Msgsrv32 checks whether the installation program has improperly amended a Windows system file and, if so, restores the file to its original state.
Msgsrv32 also runs Windows' "shell," the interface through which you access menus and issue your commands, and it facilitates the "plug and play" capabilities of your PC.
Because Msgsrv32 has so many duties, you have to read through the entire Msgsrv32 error message to understand it fully. Some possibilities:
If Msgsrv32 caused a General Protection Fault in user.exe, you are on notice that Windows itself might be damaged, that a driver may have been corrupted or that one of your devices or peripherals has croaked.
Homing in on the culprit will require an extensive troubleshooting exercise. Consult article Q262998 in the Microsoft Knowledge Base on Microsoft's Web site for step-by-step guidance.
If you are starting or shutting down Windows 95 or 98 and the Msgsrv32 error warns that "an error has occurred in your program . . ." or that there was a general protection fault in CM8330SB.drv, visit the Web site of your sound card's manufacturer and download the latest version of its driver.
If you don't know who made your sound card, look around on the click here Web site for an updated generic driver. It may work with your card. If you update your sound card driver and the error message persists, try updating the driver for your modem.
Using advanced power management and a screen saver can put you on a collision course with Msgsrv32. Do away with power management, the screen saver or both.
Does your Msgsrv message allude to a page fault in kernel32.dll? If so, you may have a corrupted password list.
To rebuild it, search your hard drive for a file with a pwl extension. The rest of the name is probably a variation of your name. Delete the file, then restart Windows and a new pwl file will be created.
As you use your passwords, they will be reregistered in the new file

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