MSE updates - again!

  TonyV 19:21 20 Apr 2010

I have looked at the various topics on here related to the fact that MSE doesn't appear to update automatically. i.e. click here I now find my copy seems loathe to update automatically. I have it set to automatically update, I also have it set to update prior to any scan. It is scheduled to scan 7:00pm everyday. This it failed to do and when I clicked to scan manually, the update never took place. The icon shows green, so presumably it is covered, but when does it think it should update automatically?

Mine is actually on 1.79.2152.0 as of 19/04/10 09.46am. No update today!



  onthelimit 19:38 20 Apr 2010

Surely if it's green, it has updated?

  onthelimit 19:39 20 Apr 2010

Surely if it's green, it has updated?

  TonyV 19:44 20 Apr 2010

That's my point.It says it is up-to-date, but in real terms it is not. This evening, I set it up to scan at 7.00pm and in so doing it is set to up-date prior to scanning. It didn't. I then reset it to scan at 8.00pm and this time it did up-date. Not automatically, but merely because I did a scheduled scan.

It updated to 20/4/10 8.40am. So, by definition, it was not up-to-date prior to this last scan.


  TonyV 13:47 21 Apr 2010

I suppose the question really is when does it decide to up-date automatically? Is in the middle of the night, which seems to be the time of a lot of the up-dates, or should it do it when the machine is switched on? Obviously if it is the middle of the night, my machine is not still switched on so it must miss that up-date!! The only option then is to manually up-date it which seems to defeat the object.


  Sea Urchin 14:57 21 Apr 2010

Hopefully this might be of interest

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:09 21 Apr 2010

There has been no updates since 19th at 19-02pm BST

  Technotiger 15:15 21 Apr 2010

My latest update was today at 0936 BST.

  TonyV 16:54 21 Apr 2010

Thanks for coming back. I have tried the Registry modification in your link, Sea Urchin and will see what happens now. Fruit Bat /\0/\, as I said in my 19.44 post above, mine was updated on the 20th! Technotiger, mine is still on the from the 20th.

I have all the right settings as outlined in Sea Urchins link so can only wait and see what happens with the modified Registry key.

In fact, I have just checked the setting again in the registry and it has not changed it. I changed it from 24 to 8, Clicked OK and the error message came up that it could not edit the number, though the pre-restart information was shown as I had put it in. After restart, it had reverted to the 18 and 24 setting.

So I think the only real answer would appear to be to get it to scan daily and have it set to update before scan starts.



  TonyV 18:47 21 Apr 2010

Thought you might like to know that this evening 18:46hrs, MSE started its update and scan. Not bad considering I had set it for 19:00hrs!! I decided to change it from the 20:00hrs I had set it yesterday on the basis the machine would not have been switched on then tonight!

At least it has updated itself, not automatically, but because of the setting recommended in Sea Urchins link to update prior to a scan.

It is now on 21/04/2010 09:36am. same as yours TechnoT.


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