MSE Updates

  thumbscrew 23:25 08 Apr 2010

I'm not exactly certain that my MSE is automatically updating as I've just read that if it doesn't, it still shows in the box as updated. My last update was 07 April...Virus Def 1.79. 1392.0 and Spyware Def ditto. I'm set for automatic. Anyone got anything more recent?

  TonyV 23:32 08 Apr 2010

Mine is on 1.79.1453 8/04/10 07:06pm


  TonyV 23:34 08 Apr 2010

Actually it is 1.79.1453.0!!


  thumbscrew 00:06 09 Apr 2010

Thanks both, didn't get it it had to update manually...anyone know why??

  Technotiger 08:27 09 Apr 2010

As long as MSE is showing Green/Computer Status - Protected ... I would not worry about it. Mine is set to auto-update, which it does at 0200am daily, but the latest update does not always show automatically, unless you make a Manual check, which I do once a week.

When it really does need a Manual update MSE will show Status - Potentially at Risk, in Orange or Brown.

The latest update is at 1.79.1469.0 (as at 0815hrs today - UK)

  [DELETED] 08:42 09 Apr 2010

I have WU set to inform only... and get an MSE update daily.

MSE updates in two ways... it should get an update as part of the daily WU check, this was a feature that was added with the last build (check what version you have... click the drop down arrow next to "help" after opening MSE and select "about" and make sure it's V 1.0.1961.0) but also if set to daily scan and the option "check for updates before scanning" is ticked will get updates that way too.
That allows for all the folk that turn off WU and never patch their PC's.

  thumbscrew 23:19 09 Apr 2010

Thanks both, Technotiger I understand that Green/Computer Status Protected stays there even though it's not protected, because no updates have been installed. My latest update is 1.79 1453 and that's only because I updated manually yesterday. By the time I get the Orange or Brown warning, I'll have been unprotected for a week!Hi mooly and thanks. I've got the latest version and yes, if I set to daily scan with option "Check for updates before scanning" then it seems to update, but not if I wait for the update.

  [DELETED] 23:27 09 Apr 2010
  thumbscrew 00:14 10 Apr 2010

Thanks Sea Urchin, got all that, only thing that baffled me was the section about Control Panel Admin Tools etc. Followed the info but I couldn't see "wuauserv" or "BITS" anywhere in the list???

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