MSE, spam and phishing

  exdragon 09:44 04 Apr 2010

Hi - if I use MSE with Windows firewall, what should I also use to catch spam and phishing emails, please? Outlook and XP.


  birdface 10:08 04 Apr 2010

click here
Worth a read.I must admit it seems to make sense to me.
Then again I use AVG which does scan.

  exdragon 10:11 04 Apr 2010

We read that, but my other half has just installed it and the first time he opened Outlook, he got various junk which had been previously picked up by Kaspersky and diverted to the Junk folder

  birdface 10:53 04 Apr 2010

I use AVG and it does not stop junk mail.
Maybe use Mailwasher its free.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:57 04 Apr 2010

XP firewall is worse than useless

MSE is OK but with XP you will need another firewall.

  Woolwell 14:05 04 Apr 2010

I find that Outlook's junk filter works well without any security suite moving spam into the junk file. It is Outlook not Outlook Express isn't it?

  exdragon 15:06 04 Apr 2010

I'm confused! I looked at various posts here, and many of them said they just used MSE and Windows firewall and that was all that was needed. How about Vista firewall? I've got Vista on the laptop.

Any particular fire wall any better than any other?

Or would I be better off renewing Kaspersky?

  exdragon 16:06 04 Apr 2010

Woolwell - yes, it's Outlook

  Woolwell 16:31 04 Apr 2010

XP's Firewall isn't very good and I would look at using something else. Vista's and Windows [email protected] firewalls are better. I run MSE, Windows Firewall and Malwarebytes (free) on my Vista laptop. I think if I was doing on-line banking on the laptop then I would add a different firewall. MSE has received some good reviews. Kaspersky gets slightly better reviews as does Norton 2010. I've got Kaspersky on my desktop (initially I got it free with my on-line banking).

  VOT Productions 17:29 04 Apr 2010

A excellent Firewall is Comodo Firewall which I use.

Comodo Firewall when installing it asks you to apply comodo dns. Do that! It speeds up your internet.

Here's how to install it: Download The Comodo Security Suite and let it install with the default settings but ONLY INSTALL THE FIREWALL when it asks you to choose.

  VOT Productions 17:30 04 Apr 2010

And Avast is way better than MSE

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