MSE or Avira free??

  mark3986 02:32 02 Mar 2010

wot would you guys choose avira free or microsoft essientials and reason thanks

  Input Overload 07:12 02 Mar 2010

Avira gets very good reviews but on the road to Damascus I was converted to MS Essentials that was updated this week. It has an excellent interface & if people ask it's my recommendation.

  birdface 09:12 02 Mar 2010

I don't think it makes much difference to whichever Anti-Virus you choose as long as you have some good Anti-Malware-Spyware programs to back it up.

  birdface 09:31 03 Mar 2010

We also had someone on one of the other threads saying that he does not trust MSE for him to use his banking details on it but has another computer without MSE that he uses for that.
Only his opinion mind you and it may be perfectly safe.
I have not used it so cannot comment on it.

  anskyber 09:54 03 Mar 2010

MSE for me, its simple and as far as I can see effective, light and not a nagger.

  Woolwell 09:55 03 Mar 2010

MSE does not have a Firewall but relies on the Windows Firewall unless you install another program. Personally I wouldn't rely on Windows Firewall for on-line banking. Otherwise I think that MSE is one of the best of the free programs. I have a laptop which has Norton 360 on it which is coming to the end of its subscription and I am seriously thinking of replacing it with MSE.

  john bunyan 10:04 03 Mar 2010

I use Avira as anti virus and PC Tools as firewall on W7 64bit.
Also Malawarebytes as anti malware. Would like to have Superantispyware too but it seems incompatable with 64 bit W7. So far so good.

  rawprawn 10:15 03 Mar 2010

If by any chance you have the Pro version of SAS, it will not run at the same time as the pro version of Malwarebytes, they conflict.
The free versions are OK because they don't provide real time protection.

  john bunyan 16:47 03 Mar 2010

After advice here I use freebies - Avira, PC Tools and Malawarebytes. I found problems with the free version of SAS with 64 Bit W7. It ran apparently ok but eventviewer reported many problems, so I have uninstalled it for now. Google shows others with same issue

  john bunyan 17:06 03 Mar 2010

SAS say they will have 64 bit drivers later this year. Think I will wait till then.
click here

  Batch 17:08 03 Mar 2010

You'll probably find that no one has tried more than a couple of current products (other than review sites) and so it is difficult to get a good overall view.

I started off with AVG, but seriously went off it when they introduced version 8. I looked around and tossed up between Avira and Avast. Can't remember why now, but went for Avast. The user interface in the old version (4.8) was a bit naff but otherwise good. The new V5 has a much cleaner user interface. It seems pretty light on resources and as far as I am aware does a pretty good job of detection.

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