thumbscrew 21:45 25 May 2011

I've been using MSE for over a year and I believe there's an upgrade availavable. However I can't find anything on it to explain what version I'm using. Can anyone help?

  Nontek 22:50 25 May 2011

Most peculiar - I have just run the Upgrade Wizard again and it tells me that I have the latest Version, as above!

  thumbscrew 23:00 25 May 2011

Looking at all the Google MSE links Nontek, they all seem to say that 2.0 is the current version...any joy?

  Nontek 23:03 25 May 2011

Hmm, You were correct and I was Wrong!! I Googled and did the upgrade, seems I have been running an older version but each time I clicked on Upgrade, was told I had the latest - Ooooh the little liars :-)

My version is now 2.0.657.0 ..........

  Nontek 23:05 25 May 2011

I thank you for opening my eyes!


  thumbscrew 23:10 25 May 2011

"They wouldn't let it lie"!!! But conversely, thank you amigo for pointing out the upgrade arrow..."All hail to the ale". Cheers mate.

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