thumbscrew 21:45 25 May 2011

I've been using MSE for over a year and I believe there's an upgrade availavable. However I can't find anything on it to explain what version I'm using. Can anyone help?

  Nontek 21:53 25 May 2011

Click on the small white arrow next to the word Help, then click on Upgrade.

  thumbscrew 22:03 25 May 2011

Hello Nontek and many thanks. Clicking on the arrow reveals only an update available, no upgrade. Tells me I'm using version 2.0.6570. Would you know if that's the latest?

  birdface 22:11 25 May 2011

Supposed to have been last week but they keep putting it off so must be having a few problems with it.

link text

  Nontek 22:17 25 May 2011

If this works - this is the arrow I meant, marked in Red, then click on .... Upgrade Microsoft Security Essentials.

  thumbscrew 22:24 25 May 2011

Yes cheers again pal, got your screenshot and that's the arrow I clicked on. No upgrade showing there, only an update. This makes me think I've got the latest version???

  Nontek 22:29 25 May 2011

The Version number you quote above is for the Antimalware version within MSE, the MSE Version number is currently 1.0.1611.0 shown on the line above Antimalware version number.

  Nontek 22:31 25 May 2011

In the pop-up window after clicking on the little arrow, click on About Microsoft Security Essentials.

  Nontek 22:34 25 May 2011
  thumbscrew 22:43 25 May 2011

Ok, here's what I've got...."Antimalware Client Version"...3.0.8107.0 then "Security Essentials Version" (Above Antimalware)...2.0.657.0. This states..."Copyright 2010". Your screenshot shows "Copyright 2oo9" Could it be the previous version?

  Nontek 22:47 25 May 2011

Very straaaange .... my screenshots were taken just after upgrading MSE, a few minutes ago.

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