Newuser2533 20:13 22 Jun 2006

I have XP and will prob get Vista when it arrives. I'm doing a computer course, which I will complete soon....nothing like the knowledge base on this site but further than creating e-mails.
I have the chance to go on a MSDOS course, again basic..10 weeks. Apart from being very interesting will it benifit me in the long term considering the speed of computer development.
I will be trying to learn Visual basic over the winter months and it has been said that an understanding of msdos would be an advantage.
I would be grateful of any comments please.

  Totally-braindead 20:22 22 Jun 2006

Don't really know if this will help but heres a start click here

  Eric10 22:50 22 Jun 2006

click here for a basic tutorial. Not much of it will make sense if you try to use it from within Windows XP even from a DOS box as the DOS in XP is just an emulation. On the course they will be using simple PCs with only DOS installed so you will get the true feel of it. Treat it as a dip into history rather than something that will be of great value to you for the future.

  terryf 22:59 22 Jun 2006

DOS, that takes me back, 1982 I think, remember DrDos? still useful though even the emulation in XP if you want a print-our of the files in a folder by doing a dir>filelist.txt!

  terryf 22:59 22 Jun 2006

printour should of course be printout

  woodchip 23:00 22 Jun 2006

MSDOS is only good if you intend using Old Software and working with Old OS's. I use it as I Use Win98se as my main comp. Although I have XP Desktop and XP Laptop all connected to Router Networked also. I still prefer 98se with DOS underneath it. It allows you do things that XP cannot. If Restore does not work most times it a Repair with XP CD. What a Pain

  Newuser2533 23:37 23 Jun 2006

Thanks for your views. I think I will do the course and get an old 98 laptop to play with.
Regards to all.

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