mscoree.dll Anyone know where it's from?

  PA28 16:45 19 Apr 2003

I have an error message being reported in Norton that the above file cannot be found. It's part of an installshield wizard - trouble is that I don't know what from to be able to reinstall it. Until I can find it, Norton says it cannot fix it (which is annoying rather than anything serious). The only software that I've installed recently is the Freeserve numberdiallerswitcherthingee they sent me. It doesn't seem a likely source. Anyone any ideas please?

  Gongoozler 17:24 19 Apr 2003

Hi PA28. You can download mscoree.dll from click here. I think this is one of those files that most computers are happy without until Norton tells you that it is missing. When you have unzipped the file it needs to be in C:\Windows\System.

  Sparks 17:34 19 Apr 2003

This may help click here

  PA28 22:30 19 Apr 2003

Thanks guys. File downloaded, in the \System folder and Norton now happy. Useful links these - very useful in fact.

  seanquinn 19:37 05 Jan 2004

I had the same problem as PA28....thank for the help guys !

  peter-297759 12:26 31 Jan 2004

thank`s everyone i had the same prob

  PA28 14:24 03 Feb 2004

There seems to be a National Shortage of ms.coree.dll! Is there a pattern here?

  Gongoozler 14:42 03 Feb 2004

Yes, the pattern is called Norton.

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