MSCONFIG in Win 2000pro ??

  roygbiv 11:33 18 Aug 2005

I want to stop certian programs upon start up.
using the msconfig in the run thingy. Dosent work, comes up with cannot find file!!
Using windows 2000pro on a HP Omnibook 900 laptop. Is this the proper way of doing it ? or am I looking in the wrong place ? TIA

  johnnyrocker 11:36 18 Aug 2005

try running services msc and you should be able to stop any processes you want from there.


  roygbiv 11:37 18 Aug 2005

sorry, but how do I do that. Thanks for being so quick !!

  johnnyrocker 11:40 18 Aug 2005

start/run services msc and it should bring up a box listing all services.


  ventanas 11:40 18 Aug 2005

Win 2k does not have msconfig click here for info. You can get alternatives from click here or this utility is very easy to use click here

  roygbiv 11:43 18 Aug 2005

Just as I thought, no msconfig,

services msc , dosent do anything

goingv to look at click here's Thanks

  roygbiv 11:55 18 Aug 2005

Great, Thanks.

I am very nervous about downloading/installing hings as (this) 2000pro has No system restore, if things dont go to plan ( more likly me to mess things UP!!!)

  BigMoFoT 12:02 18 Aug 2005


This is essentially where msconfig looks anyway - delete the items you don't want on the left side of the screen.

I know this is effectivley a REG hack and some users may have strong views about posting such information so please beware you can cause serious damage to the OS whilst within the registry.

  BigMoFoT 12:04 18 Aug 2005

Big oops I meant right hand side..

  roygbiv 12:17 18 Aug 2005

just run it OK (so far)
Its only a small (and old) lappy 400mhz/160 ram) and I wanted to speed up the start up process, (but it seems that it is OK (just me expecting too much of this machine!!)

  ventanas 12:56 18 Aug 2005

Startup CP is harmless, I have it on all my machines, many more options than M/S offer.

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