misters 21:54 23 Nov 2003

When i type msconfig in my run box then goto the startup tab i notice there is still progamms in there that i uninstalled also there are double messages i know i can just untick them, but i was wondering how to get rid of them altogether.
Thanx in advance.

  Dipso 22:01 23 Nov 2003

You could try clicking on "Clean up" when in Start up.

  Pesala 22:22 23 Nov 2003

click here to download this freeware utility.

No installation is necessary. Just put it in some convenient place, and create a shortcut. Right-click on any entry to see its properties or to delete the registry keys.


Always backup and set a System Restore point before using a utility like this that messes with your Windows Registry. In the wrong hands (including mine) it could do a lot of damage, but in the right hands it could be just what you need.

A few of the experts here might tell you what entries you can safely delete, and whether this utility is any good.

  temp003 03:38 24 Nov 2003

Certain applications, when run, will write another entry into the registry to make itself a startup item. So if you've disabled it before in msconfig, the application writes the registry entry again, and you get a double entry in msconfig. It's annoying but can't be helped.

It's better to use another startup manager. I haven't used Pesala's recommendation Autostart Viewer, but it looks good.

Many people (including myself) use Mike Lin's Startup Control Panel which is also small and efficient. click here You can download the installable version, or the free standing version. With the former, after installation, you get an extra icon in Windows's Control Panel called Startup, and you can view and manage your startup items more flexibly than msconfig.

It won't actually remove the unticked boxes in msconfig's startup tab (don't know about Autostart viewer), if that's what you're after. The unticked boxes remain there for the purpose of letting you re-enabling them later.

If you want to remove those unticked boxes, you will need to first re-enable the items in msconfig by ticking them (so that the items appear again in the registry itself), restart, then use regedit to delete the registry items manually from the relevant sections.

Most startup items are in the Run section of the registry.

Only use regedit if you're comfortable with it. Click Start, Run, type regedit, and press Enter.

Navigate to HKEY Local Machine\ Software\ Microsoft \Windows\ Current Version\ Run (or sometimes HKEY Current User\ Software...(same path)...\Run).

Highlight Run. On the top left, click Registry, Export registry file, and save it to somewhere on your computer. This backs up the Run key.

Then, with Run still highlighted, look at the right hand pane, right click the item you want to be removed, and select delete. Confirm the deletion. Exit regedit. This should get rid of the boxes in msconfig. If you're happy with the changes, you can delete the backed up registry file.

But if you're going to use a startup manager, I would leave the registry alone.

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