MSCE Qualifed?? New Job???

  ThePharcyde007 11:23 25 May 2004

Hi, I am one of those people who are in a Job which even though pays well, is totally not me! I am in Finance, and my hobby is PC's and more PC's. I have tried uneventfully to get into a help desk/support role with my current firm, but pc personnel from my experience are totally slack. I am interested in taking a MSCE Exam self study as I can get my way around a pc quite competantly and can also build PC's which I do as a hobby aswell as to pay for my upgrades!. Has anyone done the MSCE or can give advise on how I get enroled into self study as time is a factor and cannot take time out of work.

Any help would be most appreciative

Thank you

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:30 25 May 2004

click here an excellent site.


  anon1 11:43 25 May 2004

I would suggest that you look very closely at what you want to achieve in the long term. If you really want to be a systems engineer then by all means go for the mcse but you may be wise to explore the market and see what the employment prospects are ( look at the jobcentre IT pages).
You may consider specialising in a particular field for example microsoft word or windows or excel. Have a good look at microsofts own website for career prospects. You could also consider the comp tia A Plus exams click here There are many specialist subjects. I wish you luck in whatever you choose to do. Nothing worse than being in a job you hate life is too short.

  ThePharcyde007 11:50 25 May 2004

Thank you for all your advise guys! Much appreciative

  byfordr 12:30 25 May 2004

click here click here (always good for techie news)

Have a look through some of the potential jobsites for what sort of skills are needed. Quite often companies require some sort of experience, so you may need to look towards more trainee style positions. Thankfully once you get a job most companies will pay for your training (which can run into thousands)


  byfordr 12:32 25 May 2004

Also if you are going for MSCE or similar qualifications make sure its a reputable company offering the course. Often a source of amusement is the photocopied course notes and badly forged certificates.


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