MSBlaster what you need to know

  The Sack 10:58 14 Aug 2003

For once M$ have done something good.

click here for the full monty

  The Sack 12:08 14 Aug 2003

deserves a bump surely :-D

  rawprawn 13:50 14 Aug 2003

I think so too, I'm sure there are still people out there who don't know.

  david4637 19:05 14 Aug 2003

Does the MS site imply you can not catch this virus if you have W98SE? Thanks David

  daba 22:38 14 Aug 2003

WD The Sack - good link.

Refreshing for the late night crawlers ....

  Magik ®© 22:41 14 Aug 2003

david, that is right...................

  Djohn 23:07 14 Aug 2003

"Refreshing for the late night crawlers ...."

I'm here! :o)

  woodchip 23:25 14 Aug 2003

Win98 win's again

  chelle 00:19 15 Aug 2003

thanks for the link it was good reading my comp was infected by this one thanks to the people on here a couple of days ago telling me what my problem was cheers guys keep up the good work to us novices

  Kitz E Kat 08:35 15 Aug 2003

Seems the Powercut took that site out...
Oh to be a candle seller in the US.....
Im sure DEL and Rodney are on the way!!!!

  Forum Editor 09:01 15 Aug 2003

if there were any computer users who hadn't heard of this worm. Hopefully most people have by now downloaded a fix and applied the Microsoft patch, although early this morning the Microsoft site appeared to be offline - either ads a result of overload, or because of the American power cuts, or a mixture of both.

As for "For once M$ have done something good." There have been warnings about this virus for the past month, and most corporate users had already downloaded and applied the patch. One of the problems with security patches is that home users tend not to download quite so often, and many people ignore security patches altogether - possibly because the downloads can take a while on a 56K connection. That's been a primary reason for the rapid spread of the worm.

It's easy to knock Microsoft, and they do at times seem almost to invite it, but let's remember that it is the people who write and release these worms who are the real culprits. They're the ones who spend weeks looking for tiny loopholes, through which they can feed their malicious code. With modern operating systems containing tens of millions of lines of code it simply is not possible, prior to release, to detect every complex combination of circumstances that would permit malicious code to run. We should be directing our scorn at the virus writers - the scourge of the Internet - not at Microsoft.

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