MSBlast Worm

  Troodles 17:24 02 Oct 2003

My computer used to keep crashing when I connected to the internet after approximately 5 minutes the following problem would occur "MS Blast error message and shut down after 1 minute". I have checked on the processes tab and cannot find MS Blast.exe, which I understand is where I would find it if the virus was on the computer.

I have loaded the patch onto Windows XP, and installed the virus remover to get rid of MSBlast and since this action I have never detected the virus on my computer. I have recently enabled my firewall to 'filter', since doing this the computer no longer crashes but McAfee anti-virus continually intercepts 'port scan attacks'. Does anyone know if this is still related to MSBlast still being on my PC?

  Jester2K II 18:25 02 Oct 2003

Try Stinger click here

Not all varients were called MSBlast.exe (some are too rude to post here)

Also you may have Nachia click here This is another RPC Worm that causes the same effects as MSBlaster.

Check with Stinger.

  Jester2K II 18:32 02 Oct 2003

These are the names and varient versions.

MSBLAST.EXE (variant A)
PE*IS32.EXE (variant B) (* = Another letter)
TEEKIDS.EXE (variant C)
mspatch.exe (variant E)
mslaugh.exe (variant F)
enbiei.exe (variant G)

dllhost.exe indicates MSBlaster-D (also known as Nachia)

  Proxy worm 20:24 02 Oct 2003

stinger would be the best. clik on jesters clik me

  james55 00:52 03 Oct 2003

I would say that if your firewall didn?t intercept port scan attacks it would not be doing its job. Your AV is the one to detect any virus. I have Norton professional 2003 AV & firewall and keep it updated regularly. I would be unhappy if it did not detect an attack now and again.

  Mr Tinkles II 12:49 03 Oct 2003

there is a patch and fix avalable from microsoft for exactly this virus. i wouldnt get too humpy about it though, i got hit twice while registering my new boroadband connection and i hadnt even finished connecting, its that easy to pick it up

  Jester2K II 13:13 03 Oct 2003

"I have loaded the patch onto Windows XP"

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