MS Works WORD Scrolls

  B.J. 09:53 09 Apr 2011

When I write a letter on MS Word all is OK till I fill the page then it wont hold as I scroll it scrolls itself back up in jerks to page one. I've just tried an MS update but still no good (It's 2007 works free on my Dell)....Thanks B.J.

  Sea Urchin 13:35 09 Apr 2011

I'm not quite sure what you are trying to do, and just what is not holding as you scroll down?

When you reach the end of page one you should just continue typing, and it will automatically move on to page two.

Or have I misunderstood your question?

  B.J. 15:41 09 Apr 2011

Thank's sea urchin.....well, we have documents that run into a page or two. On the first page,till I reach the bottom of page one all is normal but as the text comes to the bottom of the screen and I try to scroll the screen so that I can carry on typing at the won' stay there, so that my text keeps disappearing underneath the bottom of the screen as the whole page moves jerkily till it stops and rests on page one with the heading at the top of the page. I haven't changed any settings that I know of recently. It doesn't scroll smoothly it jumps in small one line spaces at a time until the screen is at its start position. B.J.

  B.J. 21:29 09 Apr 2011

Thank's seaurchin.I decided to scrap it and I've downloaded another one (abiword free) seems to work better than ever the ms one did. But thanks again B.J.

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