MS Works Suite 2001 with WinXP Home O's ?

  Giggle n' Bits 00:43 24 Jun 2003

Does anyone know of/if there is a compatabilty issue with Works Suite 2001 in WinXP Home.

I Installed it and my 2nd machine is running slug slow.

Freind of mine also would like to know if Gator is compatible with WinXP.

My first question is more urgent as I feel my machine is struggling bad running Works suite.

Is this something to do with Macromedia or that Showave flash or some other upset.

  Giggle n' Bits 11:27 24 Jun 2003

installing Works Suite 2001 also the Packard Bell boots up slow them XP bars count upto 10 strobes if that gives any indication.

Just added 128MB PC133 memory and it boots slow but runs a tad quciker in XP desktop.

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