MS Works to MS Word

  lordav 15:30 09 May 2004

is there any way i can read documents written in Works is MS Word??


  Noels 15:38 09 May 2004

I look forward to seeing what replies you get.I asked the same question about 3 years ago. My wife saved to floppies a lot of school and church work using Works. I'm afraid I didn't receive a satisfactory answer so her work is still locked up in the floppies.

Regards Noels

  bertiecharlie 16:04 09 May 2004

click here for the Works 6.0 Converter programme from Microsoft. (If the click here doesn't work, go to the Microsoft Downloads site which you will find through Google).

  pj123 16:32 09 May 2004

I think we have done this one before. Open the document you want (in MS Works) and save it as an RTF (rich text format) file. An RTF file can be opened with any wordprocessor. You may get a few spurious characters but they can be deleted and you should end up with the file in word which can then be saved as a word document.

  Noels 16:47 09 May 2004

I can't speak for lordav but that has certainly helped me thanks a lot. Noels

  holly polly 16:49 09 May 2004

for my refrence -Hol Pol...

  pj123 17:03 09 May 2004

Check this thread for confirmation. click here

Once it is saved as an RTF file open it in word and resave as a word document.

  lordav 00:46 10 May 2004

ah yes but i dont have works to open it and resave it i only have word:-)


  Djohn 01:33 10 May 2004

This converter from the M/S site will convert Works docs. to Word. Click on the link and give it a mo to re-direct you to the M/S site. j. click here

  Djohn 01:36 10 May 2004

Sorry that is the same link as "bertiecharlie" provides in his post at 16:04 but it should do the job for you. Have you tried the link?

  pj123 14:17 10 May 2004

Ah, you didn't say you don't have MS Works anymore. I have just got a friend to give me a disk with a .wps file on it. Now go to click here and download and install Powerdesk to your computer. Open Powerdesk and click on the icon for Wordpad (looks like a writing pad with a pen) and then File, Open, change Type of File to All Documents, and and open the .wps document in there. Once it is opened you can save it as an rtf file which can be opened with any wordprocessor. If you need a talk through please email me your telephone number and I will talk you through.

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