MS Works address labels

  geedad 10:15 20 Dec 2011

I am using MS Works, and I have nearly managed to get to the stage when I can print address labels. On PRINT PREVIEW all I see is 4 addresses , on the left-hand column of an A4 page. No matter what I do, I cannot get it to show a complete set of addresses of 8x3 (24 addresses). If I printed the labels as shown I would waste 13 sheets of paper! Anyone know how to set this up,please? I have previously had some good advice from fellow forum members on this, but I thought I would start a new posting. geedad

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  beeuuem 10:40 20 Dec 2011

Does this help Of course, if you don't have a database you can setup the page as a label sheet and type the addresses in manually. Remember each label is a page as far as the printer is concerned, so one complete sheet will be pages 1 - 24.

  Woolwell 11:01 20 Dec 2011

In your previous thread you were only able to print 4 labels too. I am beginning to wonder about your data source. I think that you need to go back to your Works Spreadsheet (which isn't Excel) and have a look at it.

Also when you insert the address, etc you are able to move to the next record and see what that looks like. Are you bale to view more than 4 records doing that?

  Woolwell 11:02 20 Dec 2011

For those not aware this was the previous thread. Probably useful to read it to get the background information.

  geedad 11:43 20 Dec 2011


Thanks, will look at that and come back to you.

Woolwell "In your previous thread you were only able to print 4 labels too. I am beginning to wonder about your data source." Sorry, Woollwell, sometimes it's difficult to explain the whole sequence of events, but the Print Preview shows me 4 addresses on 1 A4 sheet, followed by another set of 4 on another a4 page, so continuing until ALL addresses have finished. So, all of the addresses ARE there but willl only print 4 addresses at a time on each A4 sheet. There is another dialogue box that I have looked at which shows options for columns and rows. I have asked for 8 in a column and 3 in a row, but nothing changes on Print Preview. So,, nearly there!? geedad

  geedad 12:53 20 Dec 2011


Many thanks for your great link, works fine now! See Woolwell. geedad


You were quite right! I was using the wrong source for my database. I followed the link that 'beeuuem' (Posted Today at 10:40AM), and the addresses, from a small trial database, came out beautifully! All lined up perfectly, and now the problem is solved, thanks to you and other forum members. geedad

  beeuuem 12:55 21 Dec 2011

I'm very pleased to hear that all is now well. As with all these things - it's easy when you know how !! Merry Christmas

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