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  JConcept4 14:43 10 Feb 2010


We set-up and use a lot of Word templates throughout my company, helps to keep letters etc looking corporate.

Does anybody know how to copy text in from a previous template to a new template without losing the formatting setup in the new template?

When we copy over text, images from an old word file the formatting of the templates goes out the window and all set margins etc are lost.

Is there an easy way to do this? I use CS4 alot on Mac so my knowledge of the office products is minimal.

Thanks for any help


  Pineman100 14:47 10 Feb 2010

Why not just re-save the old template under a new name?

  Peter 14:56 10 Feb 2010


I agree with Pineman100, just open up the old template, as a template - not a document, and save it under a new name. This should preserve all your formatting and allow you to edit the newly named template as you wish, but with the insurance that the old template is still available to fall back on should problems occur.


  wee eddie 15:00 10 Feb 2010




  JConcept4 15:32 10 Feb 2010

Wow, I think I might of not explained myself well enough guys and may of mis-led you with saying template.

I'll start again.

We have created a document in Word 2007 which has a header and footer and a different first page. We use this document as a template for all our letters and quotes going out the building. We have a master document saved on the network which everybody copies so they can create their own letters etc in the same style.

The document has margins set so the text appears in the correct place but when using information from a past word file (which was created way before we used the master document) and pasting this info into the new style document the format changes and all margins change.

Is there a way of getting this past information from old word files into the new word file without the format being lost?

Hope i've explained a bit better this time


  Peter 15:58 10 Feb 2010


Not technically a "Template" in MS Word terms, but much the same idea. If you just open you document, make your changes and then save your document under a new name you should achieve what you want. Obviously your users will have to be informed of the new "template" document name.

It might be worth your while investigating Document Templates in MS Word help as this could be a better way of doing what you want.


  Pineman100 16:44 10 Feb 2010

I *think* I understand your further explanation.

If your new standard template has its margins set differently from the old document, then it's inevitable that copying and pasting the old text into your new template is going to change the formatting.

If you're able to do it, I would suggest that you reset the margins and paragraph styles of your new template to mirror those in the old document (re-save the template under a new name so that you don't spoil the standard one). Then copy the text from the old document into it.

That should work, but there may be other solutions.

Where's VoG when we need him??! He's the real MS Office wizard.

  wiz-king 16:48 10 Feb 2010

I dont think so.

  JConcept4 16:51 10 Feb 2010

Hi Peter

I'll check out template help in MS Word and thanks for the quick response.

I'm still not sure I am getting my problem across properly, it's hard to write down problems or it is for me.

When we are writing quotes for clients we can copy bits of text from many existing word files. Some of the files might be quite old and have different formatting. So we start writing the quote on the new word doc containing our new style and format which all works fine but when pasting in bits of text from one of the older files the formatting is thrown and even headers can be knocked off etc.

I'm trying to find a way of copying and pasting these bits of old text from older files so they don't throw the formatting of the word file.

Is there anything I can do to the old text so when pasted it inherits the format of the new document?

I will check out the templates as I'm thinking they maybe more suitable.

PS - do you know any good tutorial books for MS Word/Publisher?

Thanks for you help


  JConcept4 17:00 10 Feb 2010

Pineman and wiz

I've was typing that last response while trying to sort some email issues at work so I missed your 2 posts until now.

Yep I think you managed to figure out (from my poor explanation) what my problem is and I think you might be right that the formatting will always be thrown.

I have tried a few things like saving the old text as text only and then importing the text only file, seems to help a little but wondered if there was a better way.

Looks like I may be stuck trying to explain to the sales team they need to create all new quotes in the new document without importing old text from old files.



  I am Spartacus 17:04 10 Feb 2010

You could try Format, Style then select the Style in use e.g. 'Normal' then choose Modify and put a tick in 'Automatically Update'.

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