MS Word, problem with borders

  TommyRed 21:14 29 Nov 2004

I'm attemting to print out a document to which I've added a border from file>page setup. Though the border is shown all the way round the bottom border has disappeared in 'print preview' and if I attempt to print I get the following message 'The page borders of section 1 are set outside the printable area of the paper'. How can I correct this? TIA TR

  VoG II 21:21 29 Nov 2004

In Word, File/Page Setup and change the bottom margin.

  dewskit 21:26 29 Nov 2004

Not an expert on MS Word - I use Lotus WordPro, but immediate things to check: Do you have the correct Paper size set in Page > Setup, and, do the margin settings fall within the printable area supported by your printer. Otherwise, maybe scale to fit paper size in the Print menu may solve it

  TommyRed 21:54 29 Nov 2004

No they don't appear to have worked, I think I need to increase the prinable area of the page, but how? TR

  TommyRed 22:17 29 Nov 2004

Managed to sort it, fiddling about. Went file>page setup>layout>borders>options changed 'edge of paper' to 'measure from text' in droop down box and adjusted the margin pts until the border was visible in 'print preview'. TR

  lotvic 01:15 30 Nov 2004

Sounds as if you are not allowing for the Headers and Footers.

In Page Set up adjust settings depending on whether or not you want them included inside the border of the printed document.
MS Word > File>Page set up> Layout and click on Borders > Page Border>Options> As well as using ‘measure from Text’ Untick ‘Surround Header’ and ‘Surround Footer’ then you can adjust the page Border just by dragging the Margins in the side ruler on Print Layout View (and no need to fiddle with margin points)

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