MS Word: print dialogue: number of copies

  ancient_hilly 11:25 27 Jun 2004

MS Word randomly remembers the last number of copies I printed when I have a new print job. If I don't pay attention when pressing Ctrl+P and then 'enter' expecting to have a single copy of the current document printed, it is exasperating to find that, say, 50 copies have been printed (The printer is in another room - so there are no visual or sound clues to warn me!). But it doesn't always do this and sometimes even after several later print jobs, it still retains a memory of an earlier job - of course with multiple copies. How can I correct this irrational behaviour to make it default to a single copy unless I tell it otherwise. [The printer default is set to 1 copy]. Any help appreciated from an exasperated user.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:21 30 Jun 2004

I have O2k and it remembers the last number printed unless I close the relevant application whereby it defaults back to one copy.

  Taff36 08:37 30 Jun 2004

Not certain you`re right here. MS Word doesn`t do this on my computer with any of the network printers in the building - it always defaults to a single copy although the printers do remember other settings such as paper type and print resolution. I believe this option is set by the printer driver software.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:19 30 Jun 2004

I don't know about being "right" :-) Only about my own experience in this situation... as the thread was a few days old, I tried to bump it up a bit!

  Publisher 12:01 30 Jun 2004

Forgive me if this response is missing the point, but it seems a bit obvious to me.

Why are you using Ctrl -P to print? (I understand that it is quicker)if you use the 'PRINT' command under 'FILE' it prompts you to select the number of copies.

The dialogue box does remember the number of copies used for the last print run (I think) , but only for the same document.


  Taff36 13:07 30 Jun 2004

Diodorus - Morning! I was trying to replicate the situation but couldn`t on any of my printers. Word defaults to 1 copy (or as I think - the printer software does.)

Publisher - I don`t find it makes any difference which route you take but CTRL+P is quicker than two mouse clicks!!! :-)

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