MS Word keeps asking for set up disc

  MIke 18:08 18 Jan 2004

I have Works 2002 installed under Windows XP Home, on an AMD Athlon 1400 MHz PC.

Very often The Word 2002 program will inform me it needs to install a component, and asks for the Works Suite 2002 disc 1.

I have searched for solutions to this problem, and have carried out the most drastic, which was to perform a clean install of Win XP and ensure that the first program I installed after that was Works.(This advice came from MS knowledgebase)

It hasn't cured the problem. sporadically on starting Word it will ask for the setup disc to install a component, unhelpofully it doesn't say wyhat that component is. So I can check if it's the same one each time.

Anyone else had this problem and cured it????

It's really p****g me off now to the extent I'm thinking of using an alternative to Word, but attempts to use the likes of Abiword and open office in the past haven't been to my liking.

  MichelleC 18:14 18 Jan 2004

What happens when you put in the disc?

  Big Elf 18:22 18 Jan 2004

I know with Office 2000 you get the option to Run all from my computer or run from CD. Maybe the run from my PC wasn't selected on install?

  MIke 18:25 18 Jan 2004

MichelleC When I put the disc in the install word component window shows the progress of the install with a blue bar, then word runs normally. The next time I launch Word the licence agreement pops up for me to accept before I can run word.

Big Elf, I can't remember seeing a setting for the option you describe. I'll run the install program again and check and report back.


  MIke 18:37 18 Jan 2004

Back again!

Big Elf, I ran the set up program again, and chose custom set up, and found the option you described, a bit hidden away to be honest, but I elected to install everything to run from My PC.

Time will tell if this cures the problem. For the moment I'll mark this as resolved, and re-open it if I get more problems.

Thanks for your help


  mrdsgs 18:47 18 Jan 2004

Do you by any chance run a registry cleaner such as E2asy Cleaner". These programs often "accidentally2 mess up registry settings that make Microsaoft products need to reinstall certain components.

  MIke 20:48 18 Jan 2004

I'll bear that in mind mrdsgs, I use Regscrub XP now and again, but haven't noticed the problem coinciding with its use.

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