MS Word - How to set up appendices

  HIT any key 15:54 07 Feb 2008

I have a normal Document template with H1-H9 (I only normally use H1-H3).

What I would like to do is set up for appendices at the end of the document. Each appendix would be at Outline level 1 (the first one starting at 1) and should be numbered something like A1,A2 etc.. The sub heading levels should relate back to the appendix so should be numbered something like A1.1, A1.1.1 etc.

Each time I try to set this up I get into an complete mess with it reflecting back to earlier parts of the document and so on.

And, yes, I have tried things like restart numbering.

Is there anything I can read up anywhere that would give me a simple guide how to do this?

  wee eddie 19:00 07 Feb 2008

If the Document is going to remain PC bound.

Why not create Hyperlinks

  HIT any key 08:35 08 Feb 2008

Sorry - it needs to be in printable format.

Just to put a bit more meat on the bone. The base style I am using is a corporate design but nobody gave any thought to Appendices. I can't deviate too far from the norm. I tried to track down anyone who was involved in the design (or who had sufficient skills to modify it) but this was done on another site by persons unknown.

  HIT any key 09:02 08 Feb 2008

I guess what I am looking foe is some idiots guide to setting up more complicated outline levels and how to avoid the pitfalls. Anyone have any ideas on this?

  johnnyrocker 09:07 08 Feb 2008

web design forum?


  HIT any key 09:14 08 Feb 2008

not sure that helps as this is not a web design issue - but I have done a search of all forums and come up with nothing that seemed relevant anyway.

  johnnyrocker 09:22 08 Feb 2008

i just thought there might be some folks with various design capabilities which could be applied in your case.


  wee eddie 10:16 08 Feb 2008

Don't despair ~ There is a surprising breadth of knowledge here ~ It's just that they don't necessarily visit every day.

  HIT any key 15:42 08 Feb 2008

Thanks. I keep experimenting with a test document and I keep looking at other Web resources but, although I have found some clues, I am still struggling.

  Pamy 16:41 08 Feb 2008

from Microsoft Word here

  skeletal 19:09 08 Feb 2008

This IMHO, is a difficult thing to do and Pamy’s link is a good place to start. However, to warn you of a major pitfall, you can screw up all your good work in seconds if you make a very simple mistake.

In Pamy’s link you will see a picture of a form “Bullets and Numbering” in the section “Automatically number your appendixes”. Note carefully that there is a blue box around one of the chapter numbering boxes.

Once you start your quest you must always use your chosen blue box to make any alterations to do anything with any of your chapter styles.

You may think of selecting another (i.e. moving the blue box). Don’t do it!

If you do, there is a good chance that all your outline numbers will get screwed up; appendix headers will become text, chapter headers become appendices. You name it and it could well happen. I have seen this countless times and people say “I don’t know what happened I only made a minute change to xyz”!

I suggest you play around with a dummy document first to get the hang of it all.


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