MS WORD Formatting Probs

  Furkin 13:39 28 Aug 2008

I seem to be having a problem with MS.Word
This started a couple of days ago.
I tend to do a lot of ‘digit finger & little finger’ Ctrl action: ctrl+a, ctl+c, ctrl+v etc etc.
1/ A couple of times it seems to miss a beat – in that when I click on ctrl+C, instead of getting COPY, I get a C on the page. At first I thought it might be a dirty/sticky ctrl contact in the keyboard. Today though, whilst writing quite a few important letters, I keep getting some sort of Format glitch ! After a few lines of writing, the next line seems to be indented,,,, but clicking on the Move Text Left button, nothing happens.
I have to click on format > styles & formatting and then Clear formatting.
This clears the formatting (all of it) but a few lines further down I get the same thing.
2/ Every now or then, as I’m typing, & say halfway down a page of text, all of a sudden everything will disappear & I am left with a blank page.
I have to ctrl+S at every second line or so.
3/ Every now or then, the page size format changes as I write. I may have it set to 100% view, but it will change for no apparent reason to say 90%.

This one isn’t necessarily in MS-Word, but similar problem, a few times now, the text size say on Google home page will alter to BIG all by its-self. I have to click on View & alter it back to Medium.

Does this sound familiar to anyone ?

I intend to strip the k.board down tonite to clean the terminals.
I’m about to add a HDD + modem etc, so I’m glad this started now and not just after fitting,,,,,,,,,

I'll probably do a Restore at some point, but I'd like to know if there is an answer first.
The computer is about 3 years old and hasn’t done this before.

I run: XP Pro SP3 - AMD2400+ - 2Gb ram.

PS: Can anyone tell me why the ‘hyphen’ is sometimes twice as long as others (in the same font/size etc) ? I know about the --> bit, but a single click comes up with different sizes at different times ! (I think it’s actually meant to,,,, but I don’t know why !!)

Thanks all

  Chris the Ancient 17:57 28 Aug 2008

Working on the assumption that you are using, at least, Word 97...

Have you tried going to the Help menu and selecting 'Detect and Repair'? That would be my first port of call as that function double checks all MS Office applications while it's at it.

To your last comment about hyphens. If a word is hyphenated, with no spaces, you do get a symbol technically referred to as an 'n dash' (because it takes up the length of the letter 'n'). If, however, you have a space either side of the hyphen and then complete the second word - again followed by a space, the 'hyphen' turns into an alternative punctuation called an 'm dash' (guess why!).

These symbols are partially historical from the days when typesetters used to do it all by hand and authors knew how to punctuate in a more pedantic way. These days, I presume MS have kept it for the pedants like me who write betterer what like it ought to be did for 'proper' purposes (i.e. earning a bit of extra money).


  DieSse 22:02 28 Aug 2008

Corruption of the template can cause weird errors, particularly withthe document format.

Rename (to, say, - restart Word - it will create a new copy) and see if things improve.

  Furkin 23:18 28 Aug 2008

Thanks for both points mate.
I have MS Word 2002.
Have just run Detect & Repair,,,, & will see how I get on tomorrow.
I now understand the ‘hyphen’ bit as well.
Sorry – I don’t understand the routine. Do you have time to elucidate please ?

cheers again


  DieSse 23:49 28 Aug 2008

All word documents are based on templates. The template for a blank document (ie when you start a new document) is called

All template files are .dot files (just like all documents are .doc files). Templates define where margins are set, what fonts are to be used, what tabs are set, what paper size and orientation is, and so on.

The template is crucial, as ultimately all documents spring from it. All templates are in a sense modified normal templates. If it gets corrupted, or accidentally modified, it can wreak havoc with any new documents you produce, and any you modify.

If you run a standard search for a file called - then modify all those found to You then start Word, and it will know automatically to createe fresh, unsullied template.

This can cure lots of problems similar to yours. If it does, great - if it doesn't you've changed nothing - but you'll have to keep looking for the cause.

  Furkin 11:09 29 Aug 2008

Thanks again folks.
DIESSE: Thanks for the info. I do tend to have my own 'blanks' saved, with less margins, top'n'bottom etc - but before I look / change anything here - please read on:

Have just found out that my problem is not restricted to MS-Word,,,,, I was writing a post in this forum, when all of a sudden I lost what I was writing, & the field went blank as the curser returned to the top of the field.
As I started to retype it, it happened again. I no longer think it has anything to do with word, or any DTP.

Also: Whilst writing this in Word, the formatting changes as I’m writing. Between the words “,the field went” and “blank,,,” the next line went into a sort of ‘Indent’ mode,,,, but if I click on ‘Decrease Indent’ nothing happens.
I started writing in Left Justify, but it just changed to Centre and all following text (so far) is centred. I can tho’, highlight the text & click Left Justify again to put that right.
((I don’t believe it – the next thing is that it just went into Underline mode for no apparent reason !))

The only way to get rid of the formatting, is to click on Styles and Formatting > remove all formatting,,,, but it happens again.
I have lost all text twice whilst writing this so I have to ‘save’ at about every second line.

Does this help you to help me ?

  DieSse 11:22 29 Aug 2008

Can you try another keyboard?

  Furkin 11:26 29 Aug 2008

ooooops,,, just lost it all again.
Yep, I do have another K.B knocking about, but not sure if it's PS2 con.
I did intend to clean my k.b last night but didn't get round to it.
Does it 'sound' faulty ?

  Furkin 11:32 29 Aug 2008

Have plugged in another k.b,,,, I guess i'll have to wait to see if it's the same.

Whilst unplugging the old one, it occurs to me that I have had to replace my PS2 mouse recently, & got a USB one.

Is it possible that the PS2 joints/connections on the machine are giving up ?

  DieSse 12:13 29 Aug 2008

Does it 'sound' faulty ? - sounds like a good possibility.

Is it possible that the PS2 joints/connections on the machine are giving up ? - it can happen, but I plug/unplug mine lots, and it's still fine (move the system every week to computer club - that's twice week plug/unplug for over two years!)

  Furkin 12:36 29 Aug 2008

Whilst most of things seem better with this k.b, it is still plugged into PS2.
The 'Ctrl + C',,, 'ctrl + V' etc still seem a bit 'sticky' tho'- wouldn't have thought it was coincidence !
I think i'd better get a cheap USB K.B, Justin Case.

I did get a message when opening a Word document earlier that I havn't seen before:

""opening this document will run following SQL command: (NO COMMAND IS SHOWN)

Data from your database will be placed in the document. Do you want to continue ?""

Recognise this ?

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