m/s Word and Excel 'recent files'

  sheila.weston 15:39 17 Mar 2010

For some reason my word 2007 *and* excel programs lost most of their 'recent files' list the other day. Word seems to have recovered its files and now show the full 16 which the space allows, but Excel shows only six - all of which were looked at today.

What has gone wrong?

  Woolwell 16:18 17 Mar 2010

First item to check is the number of recent documents that Excel should show. Click on the office button then Excel Options and then under Advanced scroll down to Display and see what number is states for show this number of recent documents.

  sheila.weston 22:30 18 Mar 2010

Ah - yes, I have found this. Word has 17 and is still displaying 17, so it seems to have corrected itself. However, Excel is also showing 17 under 'display', but is showing only seven recent documents. I *think* that this morning it was showing only 4 files and has added the others during the day, which is what word seems to have done. Odd.

  Woolwell 22:32 18 Mar 2010

Long shot - try changing the number to display and see what happens.

  sheila.weston 17:37 19 Mar 2010

Good idea, Woolwell, but no luck. I changed it to six and six files were displayed. When I changed it back to 17, it displayed eight files only. I will just let it build up its file list again and, hopefully, it will stay at 17 when it reaches that number. I'll leave it there and start a new thread if it happens again.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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