MS word document would not open on other computers

  rajsingh 13:01 16 Mar 2010

Dear Members:

The MS word document that I create on my computer does not open on other computers and asks for some code (something like that).
May I know what's the problem? Kindly help me out.


  oldbeefer3 13:07 16 Mar 2010

This will happen if the recipient doesn't have MS Office. There are converters available that they can use - should be able to find it through Google.

  oldbeefer3 13:08 16 Mar 2010

Think this is it click here

  Sea Urchin 13:11 16 Mar 2010

Perhaps a slightly less "busy" link

click here

  Simsy 02:19 17 Mar 2010

if you are creating them using Word 2007, that the other computers have earlier versions...

By default Word 2007 cretes documents in a new format with a .docx extension, rather than just .doc

Assuming this is the cause of the problem the easiest solution is to save the documents as .doc

Choose this option from the "type" dropdown menu when saving.

I hope this helps, with aplogies if it doesn't!



  DieSse 10:58 17 Mar 2010

Or maybe they don't even have Word on their computers - not everyone does!

In which case they can get a free Word viewer - or better still send them in a better agreed standard, such as PDF.

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