MS Word Auto-completion of date

  Eric half-a-bee 14:34 16 Jun 2006

Every time I type a year I'm offered an auto-completion with year-month-day (in numbers).

Can anyone tell me where the to locate the setting responsible for this off?


  Fellsider 14:52 16 Jun 2006


Then deselect 'Show AutoComplete tip for AutoText and dates'

  Eric half-a-bee 15:31 16 Jun 2006

Thanks for the response Fellsider, but I don't have that option.
On Word 2003 the only option is to deselect "Show Auto-complete suggestion", which cobers all options not just the year/date.

  Eric10 16:38 16 Jun 2006

I don't think that you can deselect just the date option. It's all or nothing. My usual method is to add a space after the date before pressing Enter then the tip goes away.

  Woolwell 16:52 16 Jun 2006

Watching this with interest as I too would like to turn it off in Word 2003.

ESC key at the end of the date cancels the entry and you don't have to add a space.

  Eric half-a-bee 17:45 16 Jun 2006

I think Eric10 is right - I've gone for the nothing option. It's more of a problem than than a help.

  Taff™ 19:07 16 Jun 2006

It`s all or nothing - I simply hit an arrow key or continue typing. It`s only when you hit the enter key that it "takes over" what you`re doing. The problem is that you often put the date on a line on it`s own and the Enter Key is what you do next! Irritating - yes!

  Fellsider 19:39 16 Jun 2006

In the absence of your version details, my reply referred to Word 2000

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