MS Word 2010 file has changed

  Yimbo 16:02 29 Sep 2018

In my Word 2010, there's a file which I regularly add, alter or delete information as required, which has suddenly become a "read only" file. How can I restore all the editing functions as previously? Thanks!

  wiganken2 17:32 29 Sep 2018

Try doing a "File Save-as" but keep the same location and give it a new file name by simply adding a '1' or some other character to it. Hopefully the new file will not be read-only. Delete the existing file and you can then 'rename' the new file to be the same as the old one by removing the extra character.

  lotvic 17:39 29 Sep 2018

In File Explorer, Right-click on the docx, choose properties and Untick 'Read Only'

  Yimbo 23:27 30 Sep 2018

Thanks folks - - Your advice was spot on! I've now got the issue sorted. Your help was much appreciated.

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