MS WORD 2007

  K*B 21:14 23 Dec 2010

Friends, I opened an MS WORD 2007 document this afternoon and noticed that the sheet is not plain as it was when I created the document but is now filled with squares and the text intact. I restarted the laptop to see if the WORD 2007 sheet will default to a plain sheet but it was still filled with squares and the text in the squares. How do I get the squares removed leaving the document background plain again as a WORD 2007 document should be? Thanks in advance.

  Sea Urchin 22:24 23 Dec 2010

Maybe click the Show/Hide button

click here

  K*B 14:59 30 Dec 2010

Thanks Sea Urchin, but that didin't help.
I was looking for a way of opening a WORD 2007 document with a plain background instaed of a WORD 2007 document with a squared background opened. When I created the WORD document it was on a new sheet with a plain white background, but when I opened it later on it had a squared background. I wonder why. Would it mean the document is corrupted now? and if so what is a way round and out?

  QuizMan 15:13 30 Dec 2010

It sounds to me that you have switched on the grid lines. Go to View on the toolbar and you may see a tick in the Gridlines checkbox. If so, untick it.

  K*B 18:20 30 Dec 2010

You hit the nail right on its head, QuizMan. I opened the document and went straight to Gridlines checkbox and voila! it was checked so I unckecked it, and I'm now ok. Thanks a million.

  QuizMan 20:31 30 Dec 2010

You're welcome. Glad to be of assistance.

Happy New Year.

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