MS Word 2003, headers and footer - seperate docs

  Bramblerose 15:55 16 Jul 2005


Is there any way that I can change or delete a header or footer in several seperate documents without having to open each document - I have about 30 documents that have the same header and I need to change it!


  Taff36 16:38 16 Jul 2005

I don`t think it is possible to "batch process" this but by opening each document and using the "Find and Replace" facility (Ctrl + H key) it can be done quickly because that facility retains the last information from one use to another.

  Bramblerose 22:53 16 Jul 2005

I was hoping there was something somewhere that would do what I want to do - I may look into creating a master document instead - it would certainly make making changes easier (I think!)

  Taff36 00:49 17 Jul 2005

If I understand you correctly all 30 documents have exactly the same text as a header. If so changing them means opening say 10 at a time, finding and replacing the same text (With new formatting if you wish) in each document , saving and closing each one. I reckon it would only take 30 minutes but a master document or a new template would be on better ongoing option to create further documents. Have you tried doing one to check if it works in Word 2003? (I have 2002)

  Bramblerose 18:38 17 Jul 2005

I haven't checked yet to see if a master document works but the header/footers contain a logo and text which I have found an easy way to delete by using a macro from click here

I now have just blank documents which may make it easier to create a master document... either that or I will copy and paste the new headers/footer into all the documents.

I have found some useful info about creating master documents - It used to be easy when using Microsoft Binder which was in office 97 - that's my next step to see if that still exists or if that is what a Master Document is in 2003.

Thanks for your help though!

  Bramblerose 18:39 17 Jul 2005

By blank docs I mean header and footerless - the main text is still in them!

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