MS Word 2000 Won't Open

  User-340978EC-234D-4D85-BD688B8267EC8CD3 16:28 03 Apr 2003

If I exit Word and later try to reopen it I often get a freeze. Ctrl/Alt/Del produces "system busy" and then blue screens with various fatal exceptions or just a black screen. After a restart an attempt to open Word produces a sound (like e-mail arrival) and another freeze. The only way out of it is to restart again and revert the hard drive with Go-Back, until Word opens OK. But soon it all happens again, unless I keep Word open 24/7, which doesn't suit me. I use Win98se and applications other than Word work normally. I have reinstalled Word but it has made no difference. Suggestions requested.

  y_not 21:04 03 Apr 2003


  AudioVic' 22:40 03 Apr 2003

You should uninstall it first and then re boot and then re-install.

Word is trying to access an address in memory that is already occupied by windows itself or another app'. Fatal exception error is a new posh phrase for GPF (General Protection Fault)

Failing this,

insert win 98 Cd and goto the directory TOOLS. find the folder: Sysrec and open it. Now you will see a file called "PCRESTOR.bat"

double click and windows will repair itself by re loading files. It will remember all your drivers, etc. and overwrite suspect windows or windows system files. One problem though. Although not serious, is annoying. It reverts your keyboard back to english (US) and regional settings to us. But you can easilly reset these from control panel.

Hope this helps.

Many thanks AudioVic', but first I shall try altering as suggested by AndySD under "Dangerously Low on Resources" as I have also had one or two resources warnings among the numerous fatal exceptions. As the fault has been intermittent(but did recur at first boot today) I may not be able to tick the box for a week or two.

Renaming has restored normal service. Many thanks to AudioVic' and AndySD.

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