MS Word 2000 - next page slipping down!

  RoA 20:22 18 Oct 2005

Any Word experts out there?

I am trying to create a multi-page document (4 or 5 pages) which includes text boxes which will expand as text is added. My problem is how to prevent the page following the expanding text boxes from moving down as text is added. I have tried playing with page breaks but do not seem to be having any joy.

Any help or advice gratefully received.

  DieSse 22:44 18 Oct 2005

If you hit the Insert key, this will change from Insertion mode to Overtype mode. Then your new text will go in instead of the spaces that nominally exist - and the rest of the document should stay where it is.

When you go into Overtype mode, the tiny indicator OVR on the bottom status bar should light up.

  Peter 00:30 19 Oct 2005


In place of the Page Break you could try a "Section Break, Next Page" from the Insert menu.

Alternativly you could set the height to sufficient for the text you expect to be entered into that particular row. Fix the row height to "Exactly" the point size you require.

Obviously the maximum amount of text will be limited by the number of rows and the page size.


  RoA 15:04 19 Oct 2005

Thanks for suggestions and sorry to mess you guys around as I've decided to construct the document with tables instead of text boxes - however I still have the same problem.

Any suggestions re expanding rows in tables without this moving next page down?

(Peter - amount of text in each row/cell will vary tremendously so not feasible to anticipate this).

  Taff36 15:39 19 Oct 2005

I don`t think this can be done in the way you want. Tables would be the answer anyway but if the amounts of text vary so the boxes (Cells) will increase and subsequent text will be pushed down.

If say, the last page or two are "Fixed" pages with no variable text you can insert a new page section break as described previously to ensure they are printed out intact as it were. (I presume they will be printed out at some point).

The only other thing I can think of if you don`t print them out is to use a form similar to this one I`m filling in now where the visible amount of text never varies and has a vertical scroll bar. You can read it by using the scroll bar but not print it out in it`s entirety.

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