MS VisualC++2005. Installing problem

  muddypaws 19:24 23 Jun 2011

I am trying to install a freeware photo stitching programme, but it tells me that I need Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005 Redistributable Package. I tried this several times yesterday,but kept getting bonged out with the message ' this is not a valid Win.32 Application'. I have d/loaded it afresh in case it was corrupt, and now get past the agreement window but now the message comes up 'this is on a redistributable disk which I must insert'. Obviously I don't have it, but I see in Add/Remove there are five versions of VC 2008 and three of 2005. Is it safe to remove all these ( they all show used rarely) and retry installing. If it still says I need a disc, what then? Any help will be appreciated. I am XP Home SP3 32bit Thanks.

  onionskin 22:20 23 Jun 2011

Use Microsoft's ICE instead - click here

  onionskin 00:06 24 Jun 2011

The redistributable file should have come with the program. It contains the VC++ routines used by the program for users who don't have the full VC++ library installed.

Unless you know which programs the VC++ files in add/remove are used by, it's probably best to leave them. They will each contain a different subset of the full library, as required by the program they were distributed with.

  onionskin 00:14 24 Jun 2011

Or maybe not - see this

  onionskin 00:35 24 Jun 2011

It looks like the different versions are security updates. I never actually got that far with VC++, I just used to write programs for my own use, in fact I seldom finished them, I just used to compile them each time I wanted to use them. That's why I'm a bit sketchy on redistributables.

I still recommend ICE, you just drop your files into the window and it stitches them together perfectly.

  muddypaws 07:44 24 Jun 2011

onionskin Many thanks. Will give that a try.

  muddypaws 07:56 24 Jun 2011

Just realised that is the d/load I am having trouble with.

  onionskin 10:19 24 Jun 2011

Have you tried the help forum? link

It says - ICE requires the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable as well as version 4 of the .NET Framework. If either of these components are missing, the ICE installer will prompt you to download them from the internet.

  muddypaws 11:06 24 Jun 2011


Managed to do it. I didn't have net v.4 and after two fatal errors and the MS Fix It tool net 4 installed. ICE still asked for Visual C and this time all went OK. Thanks for your last link that helped. mp.

  muddypaws 13:27 24 Jun 2011

Tested it with a few quick photos and works very well. It eliminates the need to try and line up photos in he camera panorama mode which I find hard to see on the camera screen. Will resolve. Thanks again.

  muddypaws 16:04 25 Jun 2011

I have been trying to resolve this thread for a day or two. I click on the grey tick and sit and watch the screen for 10 mins while it is 'transferring data' and nothing happens. The site isn't slow for me today either.

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