MS updates - Do I need this one?

  six-h 14:44 16 Apr 2010

Just received a crop of updates for my XP laptop also running office 2003 and noticed one is for office 2007.
I do have 2007 on my Vista PC and so have installed on my laptop the compatibility update to read .docx files in 2003.
I've checked the link to Microsoft's information site but it doesn't help me understand if I need this update

  six-h 14:51 16 Apr 2010

Sorry, couldn't access the update number when I posted, it's showing again now after a re-boot, it is KB 981715.

  Graphicool1 15:22 16 Apr 2010
  six-h 15:55 16 Apr 2010

Thanks Graphicool1 but that's the web page I refer to above.
You'll notice it says "Applies to" then lists all flavours of Office 2007.
It is that which makes me wonder why it was offered to my XP PC which runs Office 2003.

The only tenuous link could be, if it also applied to the compatibility pack which allows 2003 to read and save 2007 .docx files, though I would have thought it would have been mentioned.

  Sea Urchin 16:12 16 Apr 2010

Did you by any chance have a 30-day free trial of Office 2007 when you purchased your PC? If so, whether you used it or not, Microsoft will mark you as a recipient for updates.

  six-h 16:17 16 Apr 2010

Sea Urchin, No, my lappy is more than 6 years old!

  Sea Urchin 16:28 16 Apr 2010

Just a thought, as I was in that position. Like you I run 2003 with compatibility - and I have never installed the updates for Office 2007. I don't seem to be missing anything :@)

  six-h 16:44 16 Apr 2010

Me neither, and I don't want to take up "valuable real estate" on my HDD for no good reason, so like you I think I'll leave it alone.

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